O Grendel!

We have tickets to see Julie Taymor’s Grendel at the Lincoln Center tonight! We’re going to take the train from Poughkeepsie down to Grand Central, so we don’t have quite as far to drive back late tonight (we can probably sleep on the train if need be — we’re going to the end of the line, so we won’t miss our stop!). It’s going to be exciting to be back in the city again — it’s been a while. Will we be able to resist going to the Strand…?

3 thoughts on “O Grendel!

  1. QOE — You could have easily guessed that we did NOT resist the siren song of the Strand, now with an elevator and a second floor! Such innovations — and even more books. We did, however, keep ourselves in check (in keeping with our new stripped-down lifestyle [well, stripped-down for us]).Richard — will see what we can do, but I think you should have hit it in LA while it was there. I don’t think this will be as portable as the Lion King!

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