Cool Yule

We’re at Robert’s enjoying a little time away. We got here last night after Gene had to work a Saturday (ugh, how happy are folks who get service calls on the Saturday of Xmas weekend? Not very). Robert had a big tray of sushi waiting for us which was very yummy.

Today we sipped mimosas while decorating the tree. Showing those pagan proclivities, I had an impromptu puppet theater with figures from the nativity scene (maybe it was the mimosas) which Gene dutifully filmed on the Treo. We’re off to Anna’s for an afternoon party, and later… who can say?

Pictures to come — Gene was snapping photos earlier. I’m wearing my Yule crown of holly and mistletoe and bells.

Relaxing is good. We have a stack of Xmas cds and a pile of British comedy dvds. Holidays are good. Hope everybody we know is having a good time today!

3 thoughts on “Cool Yule

  1. Cool Yule, indeed!Yours sounds like it was great & so was ours- just a nice family holiday.Plus, I imparted words of wisdom to my impressionable nephew several times that the creche under one of the Magical Forest of trees my mom puts up contained Christmas ‘action figures’…..ooof – still full of sugar cookies & mimosas….

  2. Relaxing is indeed good — pity I have a deadline coming this weekend and an unfinished piece. Argh. Hard to get back to work — mimosas would be better! Ah well…”Action figures” — always a good habit to encourage. Tee hee.

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