England Awaits!

Off to Beantown tonight to take the early flight to London. Unusual — the flight leaves in the morning and gets me there the same evening. We’ll see if this reduces jet lag. So much to do! Friends to see, gifts to deliver, meetings to attend — and at least one play. I’m sure I’ll manage a little shopping as well (I always do). Charing Cross Road is too hard to resist. But first I better finish packing. I’m not any less excited about going, but I realize I’ve become a bit blasé about the process at this point. I remember when I spent days packing — not anymore! But I did have to take a bigger bag (“you’re gonna need a bigger bag…”) because it’s packed full of goodies for a certain birthday boy.

2 thoughts on “England Awaits!

  1. For our home viewers:Kate has landed safely in Ingel-Land and has been having a great time with Liz & Brad & Sophie. And with fish & chips!

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