Memo to Self

Never hurts to be reminded to keep a positive outlook!

We’re off to Connecticut this afternoon after a start on the wrong foot thing morning, but we expect that things will only get better from here. The occasion is of course Miss Wendy’s annual birthday event, so we’ll be meeting up with the Frog Brigade (AKA our pals from the Quiet Corner) at the very fine Asian Bistro just a stone’s throw (okay a very long throw) from the Frog Bridge in Willimantic. So, yay!


  1. The Queen says:

    …and those of us in the Quiet Corner are damn happy to be able to see you & Gene now that you’ve left Tejas!Oh, I noticed you visited an Ultraviolet Cafe when you went to see Pan’s Labyrinth….perhaps you could visit Willimantic’s Ultraviolet Cafe next time you are in town….

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    Do tell?! I had no idea — but then we still haven’t managed to stop by Cinco de Mayo, though we have been craving good Mexican food. What’s the Ultraviolet (Willi) like?My, that sounds indecent…

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