More Zoo Stories


I saw a little brown bunny on my walk to get tea this morning, just nibbling beside the sidewalk. That’s Kalamazoo: birds and fish and bunnies and squirrels — and all the medievalists you can shake a stick at (if that’s your idea of a good time). It must be a reflection of how long I’ve been coming here that I see people I know just about everywhere.

Today I attended sessions, mostly for Societas Magica — lunch was a meeting to plan for tomorrow’s general meeting. There was a panel on teaching just before I came here that ended a little early because two panelists could not be there (for rather unfortunate reasons). So I came to the lab to see how bad my email was (not too bad) and of course, write up a little news of the day because (let’s face it) I write obsessively.

Dinner last night was at the Roadhouse — always a good meal. Miss Wendy and I met up with my pal Frankie and her student Dawn as well as with Meredith (yes, your pal, Cheryl!) and her friend Oz. Later we hit some of the receptions and drank free beer (always tastes sweeter) and then retired to our room relatively early. I slept better last night with my eyeshades and earplugs, but I guess Miss Wendy fared no better.

Looks like it’s just about time to go meet her.


  1. Oh! I didn’t know Meredith was going? I didn’t see her AAUP travel authorization! ;-)Tell her I said HI!

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    LOL — and Faye says hello back to you, too. Meredith’s giving her paper right now.

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