Happy Solstice!

After the darkest night, the sun begins its return. It’s the start of winter but the beginning of the return of the light. Enjoy the season, a good time for contemplation. I hope to do a little more of that — not to mention writing — now that I’m ready to turn in grades.

There’s a new podcast up over at Radio Wombat, another Conceit, this one entitled “Words”; there’s also a new episode of my comic Gothic serial The Mangrove Legacy up, too — oooh, scary, kids! Ghosts!

For some seasonal reading, check out my evergreen repeat, Anglo-Saxon Yuletide which has appeared in print, electronically and occasionally as a performance.


  1. The Queen says:

    Loved the 'conceit'…..

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    Gracias! You may be the only one, LOL.

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