BitchBuzz: Writers as Content Providers

I tried to sneak a random Fall reference into my column today, but my editor generally nixes my loopy titles in favour of those that actually convey the subject of the piece. Go fig. Kudos to the fabulous Nancy Holzner for providing this week’s content (see, talk to me and you’ll end up in a column and/or blog post):

Writers vs Content Providers

By K. A. Laity

“There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.” Red Smith

At a writer’s conference this past weekend, my astute pal Nancy Holzner (author of Deadtown and Hellforged) said she reckoned everything had changed once writing became “content” and writers became “content providers.”

She’s both a novelist and tech writer, so she’s seen these changes from a lot of angles. I immediately remembered a student a few years back saying that the allure had gone out of the term “writer” because blogging had made everyone a writer. The magic—if it was ever there—has gone.

The big publishing news like the explosion of ebooks and the implosion of bookstores gets most of the headlines; less visible is the slow erosion of writers’ pay. As Nancy said, we got used to the dismissal of people calling writers “a dime a dozen” but we never actually thought it might become the pay scale…

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