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Love is a Grift. Novella+stories. Fox Spirit Books. March 2019.

Satan’s Sorority. Novella. Fahrenheit 13 Press: May 2018. (originally published Number 13 Press: 13 Oct 2015).

Those devilish girls, of Sigma Tau Nu — there’s simply nothing they wouldn’t do!

DRAG NOIR: this is where glamour meets grit, where everyone’s wearing a disguise (whether they know it or not) and knowing the players takes a lot more than simply reading the score cards. Maybe everyone’s got something to hide, but they’ve got something to reveal, too. Scratch the surface and explore what secrets lie beneath — it’s bound to cost someone…a lot.
Fox Spirit Books, October 2014.

White Rabbit. Fox Spirit Books, April 2014.

Sometimes the shadows that haunt us 
           are what lead us back to the light

Disgraced former police detective James Draygo has sunk as low as his habit allows, working as a fake psychic despite his very real talents. When a media mogul’s trashy trophy wife gets gunned down at his tapping table he has to decide whether he can straighten up long enough to save his own skin. He may not have a choice with Essex’s loudest ghost bawling in his ear about cults, conspiracies and cut-rate drugs. Oblivion sounds better all the time…

Hard-Boiled Witch: Charms O’erthrown
Book three in the series
Print Length: 25 pages
Publisher: Women’s League of Ale Drinkers

Hecate Sidlaw finds herself in a wild storm of shady folks all looking for a priceless artifact that’s gone missing. With all the double dealing and surprising murders, it’s a wonder she and Henry can find out what’s really going on — and what this precious treasure could be. An ancient alchemical text may hold the answers if only Hecate and Henry can live long enough to get to the library!

Hard-Boiled Witch: Toil and Trouble
Book two in the series
Print Length: 27 pages
Publisher: Women’s League of Ale Drinkers

Hecate Sidlaw finds herself caught between a wannabe witch and one of the oldest hereditary powers in the land. When she and her familiar Henry end up as seconds in a magical duel, will anyone be left standing at the end of the shootout? Enter the dark streets and weird magic of HARD-BOILED WITCH and your life will never be quite the same. This is the second episode in the short story series.

Hard-Boiled Witch: Hocus Pocus, You’re Dead. Women’s League of Ale Drinkers, May 2014.

Hecate Sidlaw eats punks like you for breakfast — at least that’s what her familiar Henry claims. When someone needs a protection spell or a nasty hex, they knock on her door. Hecate can handle most magical problems, but what happens when a new crime kingpin gets a magic man of their own?

A Cut-Throat Business: A Chastity Flame Adventure
Tirgearr Publishing: October 2013

There’s a killer loose in London, protected in high places. Chastity Flame needs to look in the places the police can’t — or won’t — while a rogue colleague dogs her steps, looking for the key to secrets in her past. Can she find the killer before his bloodlust rises again? Will she expose her bitter rival before he targets more innocents? And how will she cope with the most dangerous mission of all — moving in with Damien.


Noir Carnival. Anthology from Fox Spirit Books, July 2013.

Dark’s Carnival has already left town, but it’s left a fetid seed behind. There’s a transgressive magic that spooks the carnies and unsettles the freaks. Beyond the barkers and the punters, behind the lights and tents where the macabre and the lost find refuge, there’s a deformity that has nothing to do with skin and bones. Where tragic players strut on a creaking stage, everybody’s going through changes. Jongleurs and musicians huddle in the back. It seems as if every one’s running, but is it toward something—or away?

The carnies bring you stories, a heady mix of shadows and candy floss, dreams gone sour and nights that go on too long. Let them lure you into the tent.

Carnival: whether you picture it as a traveling fair in the back roads of America or the hedonistic nights of the pre-Lenten festival where masks hide faces while the skin glories in its revelation, it’s about spectacle, artificiality and the things we hide behind the greasepaint or the tent flap. Let these writers lead you on a journey into that heart of blackened darkness and show you what’s behind the glitz.

Underneath, we’re all freaks after all…

Chas 2 from Tirgearr, cover by S. L. Johnson

Lush Situation: a Chastity Flame Adventure. Tirgearr Publishing Mar 2013.

This time Chastity has to deal with human trafficking, a rogue insider and that biggest challenge of all: falling for her colleague.

“Lush Situation is a bawdy highly enjoyable romp through the sexual adventures of its incongruously but aptly named heroine Chastity Flame… There is humour here, sharply observed depictions of London life, and many climaxes, but none to match the ending. Watch out for more Lush.” ~ Richard Godwin

Weird Noir. Anthology from Fox Spirit Books (31 Oct 2012).

Edited by K. A. Laity and including stories by Richard Godwin, Joyce Chng, Paul D. Brazill, Jason Michel, Andrez Bergen and more.

On the gritty backstreets of a crumbling city, tough dames and dangerous men trade barbs, witticisms and a few gunshots. But there’s a new twist where urban decay meets the eldritch borders of another world: WEIRD NOIR. Featuring thugs who sprout claws and fangs, gangsters with tentacles and the occasional succubus siren. The ambience is pure noir but the characters aren’t just your average molls and mugs—the vamps might just be vamps. It’s Patricia Highsmith meets Shirley Jackson or Dashiell Hammett filtered through H. P. Lovecraft. Mad, bad and truly dangerous to know, but irresistible all the same.

Chastity Flame. Novel. The trilogy begins: out from Tirgearr Publishing, September 2012! Cover design by S. L. Johnson.

“Step aside, 007, and make room for Chastity Flame. Ms. Flame outwits, out-spies and definitely out-sexes James Bond in this rollicking, witty and exceptionally well-written erotic spy thriller. If you’re a fan of British comedy, look for the in-jokes. If you’re not, there’s more than enough humor, action and hot sex to satisfy any lover of romantic suspense!”
Dana Fredsti, author of Plague Town, Plague Nation, Ripping the Bodice, Champagne and Murder for Hire.

“Chastity Flame is one thrill ride after another. [Laity] amazes me with her wonderful writing talent.”
– Coffee Time Romance (5 “cups”)

“Chastity Flame is my kind of woman — smart, savvy and always ready for a romp with the guy of her choice. I wish I’d created this character, but in [Laity]‘s capable hands you won’t be disappointed. Erotic and witty, this is a page-turner.”
Philip Nutman, author of Wet Work

(Originally published as erotic romance: see the wide range of erotic romance titles from ‘C. Margery Kempe’ here.)

Jane Quiet. Comic book. Story by K. A. Laity; Designed and illustrated by Elena Steier.

“Algernon Blackwood and Dennis Wheatley, make room: Kate and Elena are here, and their heroine Jane Quiet is taking no prisoners in the occult wars.” — Steve Bissette

“Jane Quiet is my kind of woman: smart, sexy (it’s the smart that makes her sexy), fearless when fighting monsters…and, well, she doesn’t say a lot but she knows how to kick monster ass!” — Philip Nutman

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“Headless in Bury.” Missing Monarchs: Fox Pockets Anthology. Fox Spirit Books: Dec 2014.

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“Smallbany.” Short story. Free promotional story for Drag Noir from Fox Spirit Books. Oct 2014.

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“Nenn’ mich nicht Liebling.” Short story. Pulpcore: 22 Aug 2014.


“The Tender Trap.” Flash fiction. Exiles: An Outsider Anthology. Blackwitch Press: Jun 2014.

Extricate. Novella (as Graham Wynd). Fox Spirit Books: forthcoming January 2014.

It’s a Curse: A Roman Dalton, P.I. Yarn. Blackwitch Press, Nov 2013.

“Kiss Like a Fist.” (as Graham Wynd) Noir Nation 3 (October 2013).

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A la Mort Subite

“Á la Mort Subite.” Short story. Atlantis eBooks/Lite Editions. July 2013. [English/Italian language editions]

It seemed a simple hit for Symington, the only catch being he had to go abroad. Surely nothing untoward could happen in quiet Belgium; he could do the job, sample the beer and visit the Atomium like a tourist. The only complication was her…

“Mandrake & Magpies.” Lit Noir 9. Feb 2013. Also collected in Unquiet Dreams.

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“Horse Clock.” Short story. Burning Bridges: A Renegade Fiction Anthology. Ed. Heath Lowrance. Renegade: April 2012. Free at Smashwords / 99¢ at Amazon: 100% of authors’ proceeds will be donated to Literacy for Incarcerated Teens.

“Bill is Dead.” Flash fiction. Pulp Metal Magazine, Spring 2012.

Drunk on the Moon

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