As Basil Morley, author of How to Be Dull
As Kit Marlowe, author of Airships & Alchemy, The Mangrove Legacy & more


HOW TO BE DULL by Basil Morley (Women’s League of Ale Drinkers, 2016)

Are you, too, a refuge from the relentless pressure to be “creative”? Have you had enough of “pushing the envelope” and “thinking outside the box” to last the next three lifetimes or more? Stop trying to succeed and learn to be DULL.

Airships & Alchemy ebook web

Airships & Alchemy. Women’s League of Ale Drinkers (Aug 2015)

Helen Rochester has a dream: unveiling her airship at the Paris Exposition of 1867. It’s sure to make a splash. But her interfering father wants to chaperone the journey — and she has doubts about the Italian alchemist. He has promised a revolutionary new fuel but why does he need the winged Venetian lion?

“Heartily recommended to anyone who has a sense of humour!”  
“Witty and clever!”

The Mangrove Legacy by Kit Marlowe - 500

The Mangrove Legacy: a comic gothic novel about mystery, romance and pockets by ‘Kit Marlowe‘.  Tirgearr Publishing

Two English girls, pirates, kidnappers, orphans, disguises, a ghost, interesting facts about insects, cheese, the King of Naples and at least one improving book: this ain’t your mama’s Gothic!

This is a genuinely entertaining, superbly crafted, somewhat silly and utterly wonderful book. An antidote to too serious romances with ludicrous plots, knowingly tongue in cheek and yet still offering characters you can’t help but like and empathise with and adventures that have you almost skipping ahead to check everyone makes it out ok. It also makes a very serious point about pockets.

Heartily recommended to anyone who has a sense of humour, even if comedy, gothic and romance are three genres they firmly shun under normal circumstances. ~ Un:Bound

Read an excerpt! Watch the trailer!

The Big Spin by Kit Marlowe - 500

The Big Spin, a jazz age novella from Tirgearr Publishing, Sep 2014

When her fiancé Mr. Wood lets her down by flirting with another woman, Constance Wynne Hare tears off to Monte Carlo to forget him in the world of high rollers in the flashiest casinos on the Riviera. Will the ever-reliable lady’s maid Collier be able to rescue her from a dissolute life on the Mediterranean? The Jazz Age adventures of Constance & Collier return!


The Big Splash, a jazz age novella by Kit Marlowe. Tigearr Publishing, Jan 2014.

It’s London in the Jazz Age: the times are fast and the women faster. Constance Wynne Hare has men eager to throw themselves at her feet—so why does she pine for the one man who takes her for granted?


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Bell, Book & Candle: A Trilogy of ten-minute plays.

  • Bell appears in the Spring Equinox 2008 issue of Mused, the BellaOnline literary review.
  • Book appears in the Fall Equinox 2008 issue of Mused, the BellaOnline literary review.
  • Candle forthcoming

Con-Eire: A Play for Voices [premiered at Trinoc*coN 2006]. Aino Press, 2007.

Buy the ebook on Amazon!

“A very entertaining play!” Very funny, clever, and well-constructed. Fun for the audience and for the performers. Recommended!” — Van Plexico

Fiasco: A Comic Revue. Download a free reading copy via

The Infamous Medieval Studies’ Holiday Party Plays (coming soon to Scribd!):

  • Sir Thopas, M.A.
  • The Absolutely Fabulous Life of St. Margaret as Tolde by Marie de Brooklyn
  • Sir Gawain and the Black Knight
  • Dame! A Non-Singing Musical
  • Ethelred the Ill-Advised: Or How the English Nearly Became Danish Before Breakfast
  • The Saga of Saint Olaf (King) Down in Guthbrander Dale

The Lost Chemistry Plays: (recently uncovered, awaiting scanning)

  • The Taming of the U
  • Alice in Chemland