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Respectable Horror - Front cover web

 Respectable Horror Fox Spirit Books, 2017.

Introduction by K. A. Laity
The Estate of Edward Moorehouse by Ian Burdon
The Feet on the Roof by Anjana Basu
Spooky Girl by Maura McHugh
Recovery by H. V. Chao
The Holy Hour by C. A. Yates
Malefactor by Alan C. Moore
A Splash of Crimson by Catherine Lundoff
In These Rooms by Jonathan Oliver
A Framework by Richard Farren Barber
Running a Few Errands by Su Haddrell
Miss Metcalfe by Ivan Kershner
The Little Beast by Octavia Cade
The Well Wisher by Matthew Pegg
Where Daemons Don’t Tread by Suzanne J. Willis
Full Tote Gods by D. C. White
Those Who Can’t by Rosalind Mosis
The Astartic Arcanum by Carol Borden


HOW TO BE DULL by Basil Morley (Women’s League of Ale Drinkers, 2016)

Are you, too, a refuge from the relentless pressure to be “creative”? Have you had enough of “pushing the envelope” and “thinking outside the box” to last the next three lifetimes or more? Stop trying to succeed and learn to be DULL.

Airships & Alchemy. Women’s League of Ale Drinkers (Aug 2015)

Helen Rochester has a dream: unveiling her airship at the Paris Exposition of 1867. It’s sure to make a splash. But her interfering father wants to chaperone the journey — and she has doubts about the Italian alchemist. He has promised a revolutionary new fuel but why does he need the winged Venetian lion?

“Heartily recommended to anyone who has a sense of humour!”  
“Witty and clever!”

Dream Book

Dream Book. Short Story Collection. Fox Spirit Books (April 2015).

“You will want to savor every word, every page and read this book over and over. The warmth and peacefulness these stories bring to the reader feels like a big, comfortable blanket on a cold wintry day” — The Pagan & the Pen

“K. A. Laity’s efforts make Finnish mythology and folklore relevant today in ways that resonate with the modern reader. She mates myth and womanhood exquisitely. In short, her work is fabulous.” — FinNALA

Read the short story “Palakainen”!

Knight of the White Hart (as Kathryn Marlowe). Tirgearr Publishing. Jan 2015.

Guigemar is a Breton knight who fights alongside King Arthur. His excels in all the courtly arts save one: he has always scorned love. Returning home the knight goes hunting with a friend and shoots a white deer. The arrow bounces back to wound him, too. The doe curses him: the wound will never heal until he meets a woman who will love him truly and suffer for that love like no one ever has ever suffered before. Mad with pain he stumbles to the shore where a stunning ship sails him away, despite lacking a crew. He tosses and turns in fevered dreams until he awakes to find the most beautiful woman he has ever seen peering in at him.

And there his real troubles begin. ~

Great old fashioned romance — ‘The Middle Ages: when ‘romance’ meant adventure!’

White Rabbit. Fox Spirit Books. April 2014.

Sometimes the shadows that haunt us 
           are what lead us back to the light

Disgraced former police detective James Draygo has sunk as low as his habit allows, working as a fake psychic despite his very real talents. When a media mogul’s trashy trophy wife gets gunned down at his tapping table he has to decide whether he can straighten up long enough to save his own skin. He may not have a choice with Essex’s loudest ghost bawling in his ear about cults, conspiracies and cut-rate drugs. Oblivion sounds better all the time…

Best Selling Crime Writer, Richard & Judy Summer Read Winner James Oswald on White Rabbit:

‘Being a fan of mashing up genres myself, I was of course delighted to see someone else playing fast and loose with things. The central idea of the story – a real psychic pretending to be a fake – is delicious, too. The mystery was deftly played with just the right balance of action and character interplay to keep me turning the pages. The seedy side of London is nicely worked as well – not too threatening, as befits the style of book, but still gritty enough. The cast of supporting characters are nicely drawn, too. Kate writes with a fluid, easy to read style.’

Extricate/Throw the Bones + a dozen Brief Capers. Collection. Fox Spirit Books, May 2014.

EXTRICATE is a violent tale of sexual obsession, unfolding on the dark streets of a nowhere town. Peter falls for Judy the instant he lights her cigarette, but she’s his best mate’s girl — and he’s already married. He decides to begin removing obstacles — starting with his wife. How far will he be willing to go? How far does lifelong friendship go when he finally meets the woman of his peculiar dreams?

‘EXTRICATE is a twisty- turny noir tale of dishonor amongst thieves that is skewered with hot lust and cold blooded murder.’ ~ Paul D. Brazill, author of Guns Of Brixton and Gumshoe

‘Crime meets erotica in a fevered novella. Graham Wynd has written a fluid and tight story with vivid characters in situations that are inextricably charged with a sexuality from which you will find it hard to extricate yourself.’ ~ Richard Godwin, author of One Lost Summer, Apostle Rising and Mr Glamour

The Print Edition is a double cover with additional novella ‘Throw the Bones’ and a selection of Graham Wynd’s short stories.

webDrag Noir

Drag Noir. Anthology. Fox Spirit Books. October 2014.

Stories where glamour meets grit, where everyone’s wearing a disguise (whether they know it or not) and knowing the players takes a lot more than simply reading the score cards. Maybe everyone’s got something to hide, but they’ve got something to reveal, too. Scratch the surface and explore what secrets lie beneath — it’s bound to cost someone…a lot.

Hard-Boiled Witch: Charms O’erthrown
Book three in the series
Print Length: 25 pages
Publisher: Women’s League of Ale Drinkers

Hecate Sidlaw finds herself in a wild storm of shady folks all looking for a priceless artifact that’s gone missing. With all the double dealing and surprising murders, it’s a wonder she and Henry can find out what’s really going on — and what this precious treasure could be. An ancient alchemical text may hold the answers if only Hecate and Henry can live long enough to get to the library!

Hard-Boiled Witch: Toil and Trouble. Women’s League of Ale Drinkers, June 2014.
Hecate Sidlaw finds herself caught between a wannabe witch and one of the oldest hereditary powers in the land. When she and her familiar Henry end up as seconds in a magical duel, will anyone be left standing at the end of the shootout? Enter the dark streets and weird magic of HARD-BOILED WITCH and your life will never be quite the same. This is the second episode in the short story series.

Hard-Boiled Witch: Hocus Pocus, You’re Dead. Women’s League of Ale Drinkers, May 2014.

Hecate Sidlaw eats punks like you for breakfast — at least that’s what her familiar Henry claims. When someone needs a protection spell or a nasty hex, they knock on her door. Hecate can handle most magical problems, but what happens when a new crime kingpin gets a magic man of their own?

 A new series!

The Big Spin by Kit Marlowe - 500

The Big Spin, a jazz age novella from Tirgearr Publishing, Sep 2014

When her fiancé Mr. Wood lets her down by flirting with another woman, Constance Wynne Hare tears off to Monte Carlo to forget him in the world of high rollers in the flashiest casinos on the Riviera. Will the ever-reliable lady’s maid Collier be able to rescue her from a dissolute life on the Mediterranean? The Jazz Age adventures of Constance & Collier return!

The Big Splash by Kit Marlowe - 500

The Big Splash, a jazz age novella by Kit MarloweTirgearr Publishing, Jan 2014.

It’s London in the Jazz Age: the times are fast and the women faster. Constance Wynne Hare has men eager to throw themselves at her feet—so why does she pine for the one man who takes her for granted?

Chastity 3

A Cut-Throat Business: A Chastity Flame Adventure
Tirgearr Publishing: October 2013

There’s a killer loose in London, protected in high places. Chastity Flame needs to look in the places the police can’t — or won’t — while a rogue colleague dogs her steps, looking for the key to secrets in her past. Can she find the killer before his bloodlust rises again? Will she expose her bitter rival before he targets more innocents? And how will she cope with the most dangerous mission — moving in with her boyfriend, Damien.


Noir Carnival. Anthology from Fox Spirit Books, July 2013.
Table of Contents

Introduction: Caravan ~ K. A. Laity
Family Blessings ~ Jan Kozlowski
In the Mouth of the Beast ~ Li Huijia
Idle Hands ~ Hannah Kate
The Things We Leave Behind ~ Christopher L. Irvin
She’s My Witch ~ Paul D. Brazill
The Mermaid Illusion ~ Carol Borden
Natural Flavouring ~ Rebecca Snow
Madam Mafoutee’s Bad Glass Eye ~ Chloë Yates
Buffalo Brendan and the Big Top Ballot ~ Allan Watson
Carne Levare ~ Emma Teichmann
Leave No Trace ~ A. J. Sikes
Fair ~ Robin Wyatt Dunn
Things Happen Here After Dark ~ Sheri White
Mister Know-It-All ~ Richard Godwin
Trapped ~ Joan De La Haye
The Price of Admission ~ Neal Litherland
Take Your Chances ~ Michael S. Chong
Young Mooncalf ~ Katie Young
The Teeth Behind the Beard ~ James Bennett

Chas 2 from Tirgearr, cover by S. L. Johnson

Lush Situation: a Chastity Flame Adventure. 28 Mar 2013 from Tirgearr Publishing.

This time Chastity has to deal with human trafficking, a rogue insider and that biggest challenge of all: falling for her colleague.

Weird Noir. Anthology from Fox Spirit Books (Oct 2012).

Edited by K. A. Laity and including stories by Richard Godwin, Joyce Chng, Paul D. Brazill, Jason Michel, Andrez Bergen and more.

On the gritty backstreets of a crumbling city, tough dames and dangerous men trade barbs, witticisms and a few gunshots. But there’s a new twist where urban decay meets the eldritch borders of another world: WEIRD NOIR. Featuring thugs who sprout claws and fangs, gangsters with tentacles and the occasional succubus siren. The ambience is pure noir but the characters aren’t just your average molls and mugs—the vamps might just be vamps. It’s Patricia Highsmith meets Shirley Jackson or Dashiell Hammett filtered through H. P. Lovecraft. Mad, bad and truly dangerous to know, but irresistible all the same.

Unquiet Dreams. Story collection from Tirgearr Publishing (Oct 2012).

Where the wandering water gushes
From the hills above Glen-Car,
In pools among the rushes
That scarce could bathe a star,
We seek for slumbering trout
And whispering in their ears
Give them unquiet dreams;
Leaning softly out
From ferns that drop their tears
Over the young streams.
Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery hand in hand,
For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.  ~ from WB Yeats’ “The Stolen Child”

“Kate Laity’s Unquiet Dreams  is the long, deep plunge in the coldest quarry in the woods; the lingering look under the rotting wood at all the writhing life there; the stare into the abyss until one realizes something is staring back.” — S. R. Bissette

Owl Stretching. Novel from Immanion Press (September 2012). Available in paperback or ebook.

“It was in the fourteenth year of the war that Simon woke up…”

Shamans v. Aliens! It’s an alternative history/science fiction/urban fantasy/shamanistic retelling of the Descent of Inanna/great American road trip that takes in Albany, the Berkshires, Kripalu and Boston. I pull off the impossible task of making Worcester glamorous and exciting. There’s a dead cat whose ashes need to be taken to Mount Auburn Cemetery, aliens and a 300 year old magpie. I started writing this novel when Kurt Vonnegut died and I was thinking how dispiriting it was to realise there would be no new sad but funny novels from him. I hope it’s got a little of his spirit.

Chastity Flame. Novel. The trilogy begins: Tirgearr Publishing, September 2012. Book two, Lush Situation, out March 2013. Cover design for the series by S. L. Johnson.

“Step aside, 007, and make room for Chastity Flame. Ms. Flame outwits, out-spies and definitely out-sexes James Bond in this rollicking, witty and exceptionally well-written erotic spy thriller. If you’re a fan of British comedy, look for the in-jokes. If you’re not, there’s more than enough humor, action and hot sex to satisfy any lover of romantic suspense!”
Dana Fredsti, author of Plague Town, Ripping the Bodice, Champagne and Murder for Hire.

Chastity Flame is one thrill ride after another. [Laity] amazes me with her wonderful writing talent.”
— Coffee Time Romance (5 “cups”)

“Chastity Flame is my kind of woman — smart, savvy and always ready for a romp with the guy of her choice. I wish I’d created this character, but in [Laity]’s capable hands you won’t be disappointed. Erotic and witty, this is a page-turner.”
Philip Nutman, author of Wet Work

(Originally published as erotic romance: see the wide range of erotic romance titles from ‘C. Margery Kempe’ here.)

Pelzmantel and other Tales of Medieval Magic. Novel plus three bonus short stories and an essay on medieval magic. Immanion Press (June 2010). Available as an ebook, too.

“Laity is a very remarkable sorceress indeed.” — Elizabeth Hand

“Laity’s storytelling is magic in itself. The language is beautiful and weaves vivid pictures for the reader’s imagination.” — Matrifocus Magazine

Watch the trailer! Read an excerpt!

The Mangrove Legacy by Kit Marlowe - 500

The Mangrove Legacy: a comic gothic novel about mystery, romance and pockets by ‘Kit Marlowe‘. Tirgearr Publishing (2013)

Two English girls, pirates, kidnappers, orphans, disguises, a ghost, interesting facts about insects, cheese, the King of Naples and at least one improving book: this ain’t your mama’s Gothic!

This is a genuinely entertaining, superbly crafted, somewhat silly and utterly wonderful book. An antidote to too serious romances with ludicrous plots, knowingly tongue in cheek and yet still offering characters you can’t help but like and empathise with and adventures that have you almost skipping ahead to check everyone makes it out ok. It also makes a very serious point about pockets.

Heartily recommended to anyone who has a sense of humour, even if comedy, gothic and romance are three genres they firmly shun under normal circumstances. ~ Un:Bound

Read an excerpt! Watch the trailer!

Unikirja [Dreambook]. Short Story Collection. Aino Press (April 2009).

“You will want to savor every word, every page and read this book over and over. The warmth and peacefulness these stories bring to the reader feels like a big, comfortable blanket on a cold wintry day” — The Pagan & the Pen

“K. A. Laity’s efforts make Finnish mythology and folklore relevant today in ways that resonate with the modern reader. She mates myth and womanhood exquisitely. In short, her work is fabulous.” — FinNALA

Watch the trailer! Read the short story “Palakainen”!

Jane Quiet. Comic book. Story by K. A. Laity; Designed and illustrated by Elena Steier.

“Algernon Blackwood and Dennis Wheatley, make room: Kate and Elena are here, and their heroine Jane Quiet is taking no prisoners in the occult wars.” — Steve Bissette

“Jane Quiet is my kind of woman: smart, sexy (it’s the smart that makes her sexy), fearless when fighting monsters…and, well, she doesn’t say a lot but she knows how to kick monster ass!” — Philip Nutman

Watch the animatic! See the latest panels online!

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extricate ebook 72ppi

Extricate. Novella (as Graham Wynd). Fox Spirit Books: May 2014.


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Shapeshifters Fox Pockets

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Coming soon from Fox Spirit!

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Cruel. Unpublished novella from 1992 [3 Day Novel Contest entry]. Available at

Not Waving update

Not Waving. 1991: reprinted (Women’s League of Ale Drinkers 2012)

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Lumottu. Play. Collected in Dream Book. Reading at Arts Society of Kingston: Aug 30, 2011.

Bell, Book & Candle: A Trilogy of ten-minute plays.

  • Bell appears in the Spring Equinox 2008 issue of Mused, the BellaOnline literary review.
  • Book appears in the Fall Equinox 2008 issue of Mused, the BellaOnline literary review.
  • Candle forthcoming

Con-Eire: A Play for Voices [premiered at Trinoc*coN 2006]. Aino Press, 2007.

Buy the ebook on Amazon!

“A very entertaining play!” Very funny, clever, and well-constructed. Fun for the audience and for the performers. Recommended!” — Van Plexico

Fiasco: A Comic Revue. Download a free reading copy via

The Infamous Medieval Studies’ Holiday Party Plays (coming soon to Scribd!):

  • Sir Thopas, M.A.
  • The Absolutely Fabulous Life of St. Margaret as Tolde by Marie de Brooklyn
  • Sir Gawain and the Black Knight
  • Dame! A Non-Singing Musical
  • Ethelred the Ill-Advised: Or How the English Nearly Became Danish Before Breakfast
  • The Saga of Saint Olaf (King) Down in Guthbrander Dale

The Lost Chemistry Plays: (recently uncovered, awaiting scanning)

  • The Taming of the U
  • Alice in Chemland

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Bold Warriors and Gentle Knights: Masculinity and Medieval Film. Proposal under consideration.


Meditations on Hávamál: Translations & Interpretations. Project in progress at Witches & Pagans.

My Wandering Uterus Print

My Wandering Uterus: tales of traveling while female. Women’s League of Ale Drinkers, March 2018.

My Wandering Uterus: A diverse treasure trove from women across the globe and from every walk of life! This book contains memoirs, stories and poetry about the experiences of being a woman on the road — the joys, the perils, the lessons, the changes. From spiritual pilgrimages to forced evacuations, in pursuit of opportunity or to escape from the past, travel broadens the mind — and broads’ travel writing will delight your heart!

How to Keep Writing with a Full Time Job. Women’s League of Ale Drinkers, Oct 2013.

Have you always dreamed of writing, but didn’t think you had the time? Award-winning author K. A. Laity, writer of the CHASTITY FLAME novel series, OWL STRETCHING, THE MANGROVE LEGACY and many more books, essays and stories will help you attain your writing goals in just minutes a day with this short 60pp guide.

Rook Chant: Collected Writings on Paganism and Witchcraft. Women’s League of Ale Drinkers, June 2012.

H. Byron Ballard

“ROOK CHANT is a delicious in-gathering, a magpie’s nest of shiny new things about subjects old, gnarled and powerful. Sit with it, relish it and be bound likewise into a breathing tradition that puts Potter et al to shame. It is a charm well-sung and a talisman.”

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History Witch for Witches & Pagans (June 2012-present)

Reviewer for A Knife and A Quill (May 2012-present)

Regular contributor & founding member of The Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse (October 2011-present)

Weekly columnist for BitchBuzz (March 2009-March 2012)

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Wombat’s World (1996-2000, now a blog)

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