05092014 - showkateDr. Laity is available to book for workshops, seminars and training sessions. Her backgrounds in both academia and fiction writing have prepared her for a wide variety of topics that demonstrate expertise in a range of subjects from magic in the Middle Ages to social media in the 21st century. Previous Workshops have included:

  • How to Keep Writing with a Full Time Job
  • Using Social Media Best Practices
  • Medieval Research without Tears
  • Writing Lively Dialogue
  • Incorporating Folklore and Myth in your Stories
  • Preparing for NaNoWriMo
  • Twitter for Writers
  • How to Build a Basic Website
  • Developing a Writing Platform
  • Unlocking Your Creativity (Even if You Don’t Think You Have Any)

…and many more! See her CV or bibliography for the wide range of topics. Contact her here for more details.


“Overall, Kate is one of the most versatile professionals I know. A professor at the College of Saint Rose, she has taught my medieval studies, women’s studies and film class. Since then she has also taught pop culture and new media. Her classes are fluid, relying as much on student input as her own while always building toward a greater understanding overall. Nurturing discourse rather than dictating notes, Kate’s classes have always been lively, engaging and, most importantly, educational. Kate’s versatility is also readily apparent in her writing. She possesses a mastery over every form from fiction, non-fiction and plays to comics and poetry. Although it is difficult to pigeonhole Kate into any one particular brand, the beauty of her writing is that one can read her work without falling into the staleness of a formula. Whether reading her books, installments from her blog novel, her comic or listening to her streaming short stories online, what makes each work such a pleasure for the reader is that the author is equally as excited to embark on each new journey with fresh creativity.”

“Professor Laity is a great professor. I only had one class with her, but that one class made me wish that I was able to take more classes with her. The most important concept that she teaches is that the realm of ‘English’ goes beyond the page, forcing her students to think about connections between mediums. As a bonus, she’s also very funny.”

“Laity is probably a figment of her own imagination, And what an imagination that is! A witty and inventive word-smith. A natural storyteller. A one off!”

“Kate Laity is a lively writer who combines many areas of expertise in her critical, scholarly and creative work. Her ready wit and warm humor are welcome qualities in the worlds of academia and publishing.”