K. A. Laity

“I must follow my own devices — I must till the day of my death; because I can neither comprehend, adopt, nor work out those of other people.”
~ Charlotte Brontë, The Professor


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“Laity is a very remarkable sorceress indeed.”
~ Elizabeth Hand

“Laity knocks your socks off with the language and also with the dialog.”
~ Les Edgerton

“Laity is probably a figment of her own imagination, and what an imagination that is! A witty and inventive wordsmith. A natural storyteller. A one off!”
~ Paul D. Brazill

“Laity has been proving for quite some time now that her noir prose ranks right up there with the likes of Meg Abbott, Dorothy B. Hughes, and Sara Paretsky.”
~ Vincent Zandri

“Laity is the literary Les Dawson.”
~ Tony Lane

“Laity mixes genres in ways that are always rewarding… a compelling writer who is utterly readable.”
~ Richard Godwin

“It is a skilled writer who can make you laugh and come close to tears in a mere few pages.”
~ Crime Fiction Lover

“This was a very enjoyable, different read, a gripping mystery full of sly humour, witty wordplay and characters who, despite often being dead, are very fully brought to life.”
~ Crime Culture

“Kate’s work is always measured and elegant and is frequently very, very funny and her sense of humour runs pleasingly dark.”
~ Alasdair Stuart

2014 glasses BW squareK. A. Laity is an award-winning author, scholar, critic and arcane artist. Her books include Love is a Grift, How to Be Dull, White Rabbit, Dream Book, A Cut-Throat Business, Lush Situation, Owl Stretching, Unquiet Dreams, Chastity Flame, and Pelzmantel. She has edited My Wandering Uterus, Respectable Horror, Weird Noir, Noir Carnival and Drag Noir, plus written many short stories, scholarly essays, songs, and more. Laity serves as History Witch for Witches & Pagans. Her work has been translated into Italian, Polish, Slovene, German and Portuguese. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

She writes crime as Graham Wynd and historical fiction as Kit Marlowe.

For her music & performance visit Higora and Victoria Squid.