See all my videos on my YouTube channel.

My spoken word performance of ‘The Rook’ from Unquiet Dreams: features some of my photos from Galway and music I made using Bloom, the app designed by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers.

New book trailer for the Tirgearr Publishing edition of my sexy spy thriller Chastity Flame.

A general introduction to my works (AKA Join the Cult of Kaity!)

Kantele music by Gerry Henkel

“Cult of Kaity” artwork by Stephanie Johnson

Book trailer for Pelzmantel

“Bee Sting Lips” by Reticents, courtesy of Smoking Ant Records

Book trailer for Unikirja

“Have Courage” by Ulla Suokko from her CD Bridge of Light

Photos of Finland taken by me thanks to a Finlandia Foundation grant

Here’s what a kantele looks and sounds like: me performing on Little My

Text as Art exhibit at the Arts Center of the Capital Region: features my Nabokov-inspired piece “The Square Root of I is I”

Ashes: music video (long story)

Photos of Mt. Auburn Cemetery by me

Visit my alternate YouTube Channel for more!

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