How to Keep Writing with a Full Time Job

How to Keep Writing with a Full Time Job

Have you always dreamed of writing, but didn’t think you had the time?

Award-winning author K. A. Laity, writer of the CHASTITY FLAME novel series, OWL STRETCHING, THE MANGROVE LEGACY and many more books, essays and stories will help you attain your writing goals in just minutes a day with this short 60pp guide.

From the Introduction, “In Praise of the Part Time Writer:

“You’re a writer? How much do you make?”

If you have any doubt that we live in a culture that’s all about money, make an announcement that you are an artist of some kind. Most people don’t even try to disguise their sneering. “How much do you make?”

Maybe you didn’t decide to have your life assessed only in monetary terms. To most people, it doesn’t matter: that’s how they will evaluate your ‘success’ — or lack thereof. However much you make, it’s not as much as they imagine. When people think of successful writers, they think of J. K. Rowling or E. L. James.

Needless to say a handful of people in a generation make that kind of splash. A good number of writers used to be able to make a living with smaller but consistent publications — what was called the “mid-list” (to distinguish them from the big blockbusters and the big busts filling the remainders tables).

Then came the digital age and the explosion of electronic publishing, including a huge contingency of self-publishing. If you check’s count of book published this year, you’ll see just how much of an explosion that is. As I write this (near the end of August 2013), it’s over 1.6 MILLION. Doubtless we’ll make two million before the end of the year.

That’s a lot of books.

Why do so many people think they have a book in them? Or that writing is easy?

It’s mostly because you have to learn to read and write to get along in our culture. Illiterate people have a big struggle to cope with a written culture. So most people can write a sentence or two and everyone thinks they have a great story in them: how many times have you heard, “You could write a book about me!” No, they’re not always right about that, yet a lot of them feel they should try. No one paints a wall and thinks, “Hey, I could be Michaelangelo!” but anyone who can write a sentence harbours the hope that they just might be the next J. K. Rowling…

But the most important reason is — it’s fun!

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Simple Yet Effective Advice

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