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Chastity Flame (Book One)

Lush Situation: A Chastity Flame Adventure (Book Two)

A Cut-Throat Business: A Chastity Flame Adventure (Book Three)

The Mangrove Legacy

Owl Stretching



“The Oven.” Short story. Spelk Magazine, 27 Jul 2016.

“The Cabal.” Short story. Pulp Metal Magazine, 21 Jun 2016.

“30 Versions of Warm Leatherette.” Short story. Pulp Metal Magazine: Dec 2014.

“Smallbany.” Short story. Free promotional story for Drag Noir from Fox Spirit Books. Oct 2014.

“Don’t Call Me Darling.” Short story. Near 2 the Knuckle. Sep 2014.

“ASBO Bambi.” Flash fiction. Pulp Metal Magazine. 4 August 2012.

“Bill is Dead.” Flash fiction. Pulp Metal Magazine, Spring 2012.

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“Mandrake Anthrax.” Short story. A Twist of Noir, 14 Dec 2011.


“Haunted.” Short story. Fox Spirit Books. 25 Dec 2019.

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“Fear and Loathing in Deptford.” Short story. Reprinted at the World SF Blog (Feb 2012).

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“Kerttu.” Etemenanki July 2013 [reprint from Unikirja].

“Mandrake Anthrax.” Short story. A Twist of Noir, 14 Dec 2011.

“Palakainen” from Unikirja

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“Rook” from Unquiet Dreams [video]

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“When Little Joe the Krampus Met.” Digital chapbook (reprint) 4 Dec 2013.

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How to Be Dull by Basil Morley, Esq. 2016

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“Biscuits.” Flash fiction. Short Humour, May 2012. Also available at Postcard Shorts, May 2012.

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