CD single cover: Love is a Grift

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Cd single “cover” image created for the luscious theme “Love is a Grift” sung by Victoria Squid. The noir book of the same name by Graham Wynd is coming soon! Have a listen here! image ©SLJohnson 2019

Swanky Review

Fine review for The Black Room Manuscripts Vol 4 at Ginger Nuts of Horror, in which my writing gets compared to the lyrics of Tom Waits — and then Ray Bradbury. The little gal who fell into the October Country many years ago could not be more pleased.

Home Town Jaunt

Made a brief trip to the home town with my brother to see our other brother and my dad and pick up some things. Weird how much the town has changed yet our street so little. My older brother lives in my grandparents’ house, which we lived in when I was born, then moved into…

Murderous March (16 Mar 2019)

Mavens of Mayhem present Murderous March Saturday, March 16th, 10 AM – 4:30 PM Do the math: 2 guest speakers + 6.5 hours FREE crime writing content + 17 writers + $10 catered lunch+book sales/signing  = 1 criminally great day Registration opens at 10:00 AM Pre-Register Now (highly advised!) Program runs from 10:15 AM to 4:30 PM…

The Mike Hodges School of Writing School by K A Laity

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“I create things out of boredom with reality and with the sameness of routine and objects around me.” ― Patricia Highsmith, Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction If films about writers are to be believed, all you have to do is live an interesting life, write it down, and change…

Black Room Manuscripts 4 Nominated!

Well done, Sinister Horror. Congratulations to editors Tracy Fahey and J R Park. Get Volume 4 of the Black Room Manuscripts: and there are three more! More on the nominations here.

Tom Ripley’s Film Career by K A Laity

Originally posted on Punk Noir Magazine:
The film version of The Talented Mr Ripley from 1999 did a lot to bring some attention back to the works of Patricia Highsmith. By the time of her death in 1995, she had done a lot to drive people away from herself (read Joan Schenkar’s biography to get…


I dropped by the Albany statue for Robert Burns to pay my respects on his birthday. My friend Terry tells me after Columbus and Queen Victoria, he’s the figure with the most statues in his honour. He’s a lot more palatable than those two, too. The panels around the sides include a rendition of Tam…

Tarot in Nightmare Alley by K A Laity

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? When I showed Nightmare Alley to the students in my noir film course, one came up at the end to complain that the tarot readings were way off. I agreed and encouraged him to pick up Gresham’s novel. I assured him that the author cared a lot more…

Drag Noir for LGBTQ+ Month @ Ginger Nuts of Horror

Great to see a favourable review of Drag Noir featured as part of LGBTQ+ Month over at Ginger Nuts of Horror. Penny Jones had many kind words for this fab collection from Fox Spirit. Jump on over and check out all their features because maybe you’ll find someone new to read. Glorious cover art by…