The Golden Age of Punk Memoirs by K A Laity

Originally posted on Punk Noir Magazine:
We’re in something of a golden age for memoirs from the women who rode the waves of punk and so-called New Wave or post-punk or whatever. Women who rock; women who rule. I think maybe I first caught that wave with Viv Albertine’s Clothes Clothes Clothes Music Music Music…

Mavens of Mayhem at Mysteries on Main Street

Originally posted on Mavens of Mayhem:
MAVENS AT MYSTERIES ON MAIN STREET Saturday from 13:00-15:00 Mysteries on Main Street 144 W Main St, Johnstown, New York 12095 We will be hosting some of the amazing authors within the Mavens of Mayhem. If you like Mysteries this is the crew for you. See you there! Frankie…

Saved by the Soundtrack by K A Laity

Originally posted on Punk Noir Magazine:
I will probably never get over the feeling of missing out that comes from growing up in the hinterlands, far from where all the cool things start—even if that was never really true. But the big cities famed in song and story seem to be where everything breaks. I…

Bantz with the Foxes 2 & Hire Idiots on Tour!

More bantz with our Foxy overlords who contemplate whether there really is a difference between a small press and a cult. JOIN THE SKULK! Also the latest Fox Spirit release HIRE IDIOTS is on tour. It’s an hilarious cozy mystery set on a college campus.

The Romance of the Battered Underwood by K A Laity

Originally posted on Punk Noir Magazine:
Oddly enough it’s come to my attention that Mark E. Smith’s old typewriter is going to be auctioned off. What Fall fan could resist the allure of that relic? You don’t have to be a ‘look-back bore’ to see the appeal of owning a bit of that remarkable history.…

Bantz with the Foxes

New from Fox Spirit Books: the comedy stylings of Adele and Tom AKA Aunty Fox and Mr Fox offering a glimpse behind the scenes of an award-winning small press. Or something like that 😉 scripted by me but of course based on real conversations (perhaps exaggerated slightly).

Grissel Jaffray’s Stone

In the Howff this stone has come to be called the headstone of Grissel Jaffray, last witch executed in Dundee. It’s not her headstone, but who am I to mess with tradition? There is of course a formal memorial for her as well. Besides, the cemetery is full of lovely sights. You should probably visit…

New Semester & Academic Mystery

I am back in New York and the new semester has begun: allow me a little time to acclimatise and then I will catch up on recent adventures (WorldCon of course, but also Brigit Riley and Leonora Carrington!) In related news, Fox Spirit Books has a new academic-themed cozy mystery, Hire Idiots. It may suit your…