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Dream BookDream Book (Fox Spirit Books)

Tony Lane

Laity is the literary Les Dawson. It takes great skill to play a piece of classical music perfectly every time. It takes a special kind of mind to understand exactly what the most dischordant and out of place note to hit would be. The intelligence and humour required made Dawson a fondly remembered entertainer. Kate Laity manages to do a similar thing with Finnish folk tales. To produce this book shows a deep understanding not just of the literature itself but an abiding passion in learning about the culture that created the tales.

Cover art by S. L. JohnsonWhite Rabbit (Fox Spirit Books)

Crime Fiction Lover
It’s time to take a step out of your comfort zone and into the madcap brain of author KA Laity who has written a book unlike any crime novel I’ve read before…It is a skilled writer who can make you laugh and come close to tears in a mere few pages, as happens here. Draygo is a fine central character. Flawed, addicted and self-obsessed, he is also truly haunted and somehow more likeable because of the way he struggles to handle it all. Jinx never says a word, but his actions speak volumes, and Saunders is a feisty female who will go to any lengths to get her story.

Crime Culture
Laity’s writing is punchy and readable and she has a knack for slang and banter. The whole style of the genre mash-up keeps the reader on their toes, because with noir, the supernatural and the Carroll-bunny theme all in play, we never know what’s coming next. As the story moves forward, it becomes increasingly pacy and gripping and in the final act I was glued to the spot until I finished it.

This was a very enjoyable, different read, a gripping mystery full of sly humour, witty wordplay and characters who, despite often being dead, are very fully brought to life.

Paul D. Brazill, author of A Case of Noir, Drunk on the Moon and more
White Rabbit is a marvelous and potent cocktail of crime fiction, screwball comedy and the supernatural. A cracking yarn choc full of brilliant lines that reminds you of Wodehouse, Preston Sturges and the Coen Brothers and yet is like nothing you’ve ever read before. Fantastic stuff. More please!

Richard Godwin, author of One Lost Summer, Apostle Rising and more
Laity offers a surreal, hallucinogenic journey that is both humorous and unsettling. White Rabbit exudes weirdness and moves fluidly between a linear and transgressive narrative. With characters who are both realistic and fetched from fantasy, this is a work that makes its own emphatic fictionality extremely real. A well balanced work of experimental fiction that manages to use its own subversiveness to harness various genres.

Best Selling Crime Writer, Richard & Judy Summer Read Winner James Oswald:
‘Being a fan of mashing up genres myself, I was of course delighted to see someone else playing fast and loose with things. The central idea of the story – a real psychic pretending to be a fake – is delicious, too. The mystery was deftly played with just the right balance of action and character interplay to keep me turning the pages. The seedy side of London is nicely worked as well – not too threatening, as befits the style of book, but still gritty enough. The cast of supporting characters are nicely drawn, too. Kate writes with a fluid, easy to read style.’

Tony’s Thoughts (Goodreads):
‘This book is crime noir, but not as you know it. Nothing in this book is as it first seems. It has more levels than Chuckie Egg. For example the main character is a fake psychic detective, except he isn’t either. There is also the mute assistant that comes across as a mute Lennie from Of Mice And Men but is a lot smarter than he seems. I got so engaged in this story that I deliberately got on a later and slower train yesterday so that I would have a longer reading session. I know.’

webDrag NoirDrag Noir

Starburst Magazine:

One of the nice things about the small press is that you tend to find more original and clever ideas amongst them, especially when it comes to anthologies. Fox Spirit Books tend to specialise in seeking out new talent and coming up with bright new themes. Drag Noir blends two things that work so well together it now seems obvious. The grim, gritty and hyper-sexualised noir genre and the glorious world of drag. Both share similar histories, and it’s easy to imagine a top hat and tails wearing Gladys Bentley rubbing shoulders with the characters from The Postman Always Rings Twice...

Tony’s Thoughts:

If like me you often skim read or outright ignore the introductions found in anthologies as sycophantic and generally boring monologues then stop right there. The introduction section of this book is not just funny and insightful but it genuinely made me think about things and in ways I’d never done before. That is just about the highest praise I can heap on any piece of writing….There wasn’t a single story that I didn’t enjoy.

Maria Grazia (Goodreads):

It’s very difficult for me to give full marks to a collection of short stories, but this fully deserves it. First of all, the premise is one of the best essays I’ve ever read upon writing noir and the drag phenomenon, and combines the two phenomena in a really smart and intriguing way. Then there are the stories themselves, chosen with really nimble fingers, all funny and elegant.

How to Keep Writing with a Full Time JobHow to Keep Writing


★★★★★ “I grabbed a copy of this book and settled down for a read. What I like about this book is the easy-going informal and relaxing style. I could feel myself calming down as I read. There is no cajoling or castigation just simple and easy to follow advice on how to improve your productivity as a writer. Not just as an author but any kind of writing. Students in particular will find this useful…This book although short and simple has enthused and inspired me. That is worth more than money.”

★★★★★ “Laity’s book has given me lots of food for thought and some great ideas. I’ve already started to implement some of the things she suggests as far as time management and finding the time to write. Interestingly, given her background in creative writing and her popular fiction novels, I got just as much out of this book about imagination and creating fiction as I did about finding time to write and actually sitting down to do it.”

★★★★★ “This is something every writer needs to get their hands on. Having a personal guide to time management made the difference for me. The advice woven through these pages is full of great information and I have taken every last bit of her advice. I am now a much more productive writer.”

★★★★★ “This is a well-written and concise book on a topic I’m all too aware of — how to write while holding down a job. I love this author’s stories, especially her Chastity Flame series, so I was both surprised and yet not when I picked up this title. This is one very prolific author, and knowing she’s also a college professor, I’ve wondered how she manages it all. She tells us in this book. This is a must-have for any author struggling to manage the day job with his/her writing time.”

Chastity 3

A Cut-Throat Business

Vincent Zandri, bestselling author of The Innocent, Moonlight Rises, and The Remains

“Londoners (and the world) beware! How can you not be drawn into the fire by a beautiful but lethal dame by the name of Chastity Flame? K.A. Laity has been proving for quite some time now that her noir prose ranks right up there with the likes of Meg Abbott, Dorothy B. Hughes, and Sara Paretsky. A Cut-Throat Business only further solidifies her standing as a contemporary master of the genre.”

Paul D. Brazill, Drunk on the Moon, Gumshoe, 13 Shots of Noir

“K. A. Laity’s latest Chastity Flame adventure is the most hard-hitting yet. Kicking off with a gruesome murder scene we quickly see Chas on the trail of an aristocratic serial killer- the brilliant named Vivian Darkbloom. Meanwhile, the dour Dane who murdered her parents is stalking her and her boyfriend, Damian. Fast-paced, funny, smart, international action ensues. Great stuff.”

DJP – Amazon

★★★★★ “As clever and ever-so-slightly satirical as its predecessors, A Cut-Throat Business delivers with action like nothing you’ve read before. (Unless it’s the first two books!)”

Lucy Felthouse, Seattle PI

★★★★★ “Overall, an excellent addition to the series. I very much enjoy K.A. Laity’s writing style and humour, and although the book doesn’t have the hot sex scenes of the previous two, there’s still plenty of sizzling tension. An action-packed thriller that I’d recommend to anyone looking for an exciting read that’s a bit different.”

noir-carnival-web-finalNoir Carnival

Mad Hatter Reviews

“This marvellous collection, which landed in my inbox a few weeks ago, is littered with literary gems that I thoroughly enjoyed reading from beginning to end…the collection is quirky, colourful and thoroughly entertaining and honestly, I was sad to see the close of it….I cannot recommend it enough for those of you looking for an exciting, albeit somewhat disturbing in parts, book to get stuck into.”

Tony Lane

“I love the cover of this book. It is a perfect design for a t-shirt or a poster as well. It isn’t easy to make a clown seem more creepy but this cover manages to do that and yet somehow manage not to seem too serious…Probably the best thing about this book for me was that there were a lot of stories by authors that I had never heard of that provided me with plenty of entertainment… I enjoyed this book immensely and think it is probably the best Fox Spirit book so far.”

CHAS 2 for PUB 500750Lush Situation

Lucy Felthouse

“I very much enjoyed Lush Situation and found it a great addition to this series. It has the author’s signature humour, skilful writing and intriguing plot. More please, Ms. Laity!”

Richard Godwin

“Lush Situation is a bawdy highly enjoyable romp through the sexual adventures of its incongruously but aptly named heroine Chastity Flame. A sex club has opened up in London and she’s got an international human trafficking ring to crack. Laity’s prose throbs with erotica, from the explosive opening. It is reminiscent of Fielding, in its evocations of pleasure. Laity’s scenes are saturated with tastefully drawn portraits of sexual encounters and strong central characters. There is humour here, sharply observed depictions of London life, and many climaxes, but none to match the ending. Watch out for more Lush.”

Weird Noir

Weird Noir

Raven Crime Reads

“What strikes me most about this collection is the sheer quality of writing on display, and the imaginative mix of ideas on show, to fulfil the remit of crossing genres in such a condensed writing form…It is hard to single out the best of this collection, as I genuinely enjoyed the dark depths of all these stories,and the clever manipulation and resonance of classic noir, melded with supernaturalism…Overall, a brilliantly tough talking, visceral and disturbing collection, and what’s even better a whole batch of, certainly to me, new authors that I will be keen to read again.”

Tony’s Thoughts

“There are some really interesting stories in this book and more importantly for me there are none that I didn’t enjoy. Every story is weird, but more than that they are all weird in different ways. Some of them read almost like a traditional noir stories but with a single detail that jars against what my brain expected. Others were just plain weird in ways that I find hard to describe. Be it Kraken or brain worm poo this book has plenty of stories that will surprise as well and entertain. My personal favourite was the final story by W.P. Johnson and I went straight back and read it again. It was that enjoyable…This anthology is well worth a read and I’m considering a paper copy just because I love the cover.”

Bracken MacLeod, Goodreads

‘This one is worth the price of admission for Jan Kozlowski‘s “Corkscrewed” and Christopher L. Irvin’s “Charred Kraken with Plum Butter” alone. Other stand outs for me were Hector Acosta’s “Across the Border and “Train Tracks” by W.P. Johnson. This is great stuff if you like it dark and weird (and who doesn’t?).’


“I have given this 5 stars for several reasons, firstly is that it was such a good read obviously but also for the reasons that it has introduced me to new authors and that the editor has done a fantastic job of getting stories that are intriguing and interesting, at least I found them so. I would highly recommend this title to anyone who likes a bit of intelligent quirkiness, a bit of mystery and a bit of the unknown.”

Unquiet Dreams

Judy Thomas, Welcome to My World of Dreams

“K.A. Laity’s collection of short stories, Unquiet Dreams, runs the gamut from the fantastical with dragons, demons, and changeling to mandrake anthrax to computer murder games that are all too real. If these stories come from K.A.’s dreams, it’s no wonder that her sleep would be unquiet. The unifying theme is that every story leaves you with a feeling of “unquietude,” a thankfulness to look up and see the familiar around you. She has the ability to draw you into the darkness she writes. Not that the stories are depressing — there are some worlds I would love to revisit such as the one featured in “Lachrymae Draconis.” However, there are more that you do NOT want to read just before going to bed — you have been warned. The way the stories are arranged, you never know which way you are going to be heading when you start a story–so every story is a new adventure. This is my first book by K.A. Laity, but it definitely will not be my last.”

Owl StretchingOwl Stretching

Adele Wearing, Fox Spirit Books

Owl Stretching by @katelaity is wonderful, weird, lyrical and feels a bit like doing opium and playing space invaders with William Blake. The tagline of the book is ‘Shamans vs Aliens’ and that’s about right, its also very much Ro’s journey to discover herself and mend bridges she had thought well and truly burnt.”

Chastity FlameChastity Flame


★★★★★ “Did somebody ask for 50 Shades of James Bond?! Fast, racy, breathless – Chastity Flame lives life at full pelt: a heady mixture of satisfying her lustful urges for excitement with the danger and challenge of protecting the Nation for her top secret Agency.”

Paul D. Brazill

“Laity confidently grabs hold of the Modesty Blaise template and ratchets its components up to 11 with Chastity Flame. And what she gives us is a highly addictive, fast-moving, clever, sexy and funny globe-trotting, spy romp. The first in what is sure to prove to be a massively enjoyable new series.”

Lucy Felthouse, Blogcritics

“Wow — Chastity Flame is a fantastic book. It’s fun and light-hearted, with plenty of humour sprinkled in with the red-hot sex and serious spy plot. I got to the end and immediately wanted more. Luckily, I happen to know the author is writing a sequel… 😉 If you’re looking for something different, sexy and fun, then look no further — add this to your to-be-read list.”

Coffee Time Reviews

5 CUPS: “Chastity Flame is the beginning of a trilogy and is one thrill ride after another and while there is tons of spicy sex, it does not detract from the overall storyline. Laity amazes me with her wonderful writing talent. Chastity is the type of person I would want to be on my side, boy, can she kick some serious butt! Damien is every woman’s teacher fantasy come to life, complete with oozing sensuality and a hot body. If the first book in the trilogy is this mind blowing, I can only imagine how fantastic the other books will be; I cannot wait to read another story about Chastity and the life she lives as a spy!”

Dana Fredsti, Plague Town and Murder for Hire

“Step aside, 007, and make room for Chastity Flame. Ms. Flame outwits, out-spies and definitely out-sexes James Bond in this rollicking, witty and exceptionally well-written erotic spy thriller. If you’re a fan of British media, look for the in-jokes. If you’re not, there’s more than enough humor, action and hot sex to satisfy any lover of romantic suspense!”

Long and Short Reviews

Chastity Flame is full of sexual tension, and has a twist that I honestly was not expecting. The adventures in the storyline kept me coming back to read more, and I was quite satisfied with the ending. If you’re looking for a book that will keep you firmly in your seat, then this one is the one!”

Philip Nutman, Wet Work

“Chastity Flame is my kind of woman — smart, savvy and always ready for a romp with the guy of her choice. I wish I’d created this character, but in Laity’s capable hands you won’t be disappointed. Erotic and witty, this is a page-turner.”


“Well written. Well, it seems James Bond has a run for his money. Between the sheets at least! Nice plot detailing a fairly complicated threat to the British Empire as well as possibly the entire world. As is the case, once again, with James Bond, Ms. Flame’s “enemy” is rich and well-spoken…While at it’s heart an erotic novel, there is enough intelligence and intrigue to keep the reader interested and guessing. Definitely a worthwhile read!”

The Claddagh Icon

Paul D. Brazill

“The Claddagh Icon is a classic hardboiled story of a chancer who gets in over his head when he meets a Galway femme fatale. Drags you along by your tie, belt and whatever else it can get its hands on.”

Tales of the Nun & Dragon (“The Price”)

Alasdair Stuart

“Kate’s work is always measured and elegant and is frequently very, very funny and her sense of humour runs pleasingly dark here. I was reminded of the confrontation between the nunnery and the Nazi technology in The Sound of Music, the heroines fighting back using their opponents’ strengths and preconceptions against them. This is graceful, arch fiction that has a rich sense of mischief beneath its habit, much like the main characters.”

This is Horror

“‘The Price’ by KA Laity is the story of Ælfgifu, a girl who is sold to the abbey by her parents, much to her chagrin. She discovers a golden cup, and offers it to the abbess in exchange for her freedom, but when a dragon rises up to reclaim the ancient artefact, it becomes apparent that her freedom is not to be so easily won. ‘The Price’ is a coming-of-age fantasy told magnificently by a sorceress of the genre.”

Rook Chant: Collected Writings on Paganism & Witchcraft

H. Byron Ballard

“ROOK CHANT is a delicious in-gathering, a magpie’s nest of shiny new things about subjects old, gnarled and powerful. Sit with it, relish it and be bound likewise into a breathing tradition that puts Potter et al to shame. It is a charm well-sung and a talisman.”

It’s a Curse: Drunk on the Moon

Les Edgerton

‘The next story up, “It’s a Curse” by K. A. Laity is a writer’s delight. Like Brazill, Laity knocks your socks off with the language and also with the dialog. She also delivers a sex scene that leaves the reader alternately grimacing in pain and fantasizing about rough sex. Really rough sex… It’s the dialog that grabs you more than anything. Brilliant.’


“Laity builds new layers into the story and the characters, lacing the dialogue with humor and writing one hell of a mutually satisfying sex scene. You’ll need a cigarette after reading it. A great addition to a great series.”

Daz’s Short Book Reviews

“K. A. Laity brings us a contender for my favourite of the Drunk On The Moon stories. I have read nothing by Laity prior to this and so I did not have any preconceived expectations. What she brought was an exceptionally strong voice to the character of Roman. There is less action in this episode than some of the others and yet I felt totally fulfilled with the story. Laity has done Paul D Brazill’s creation justice with this tale. Snappy dialogue, great one liners and a larger role for Duffy all helped make this an episode I could really get my teeth into. I’m not going to define it any clearer than that, other than to say that Laity has tuned into Paul’s creation perfectly. It’ll be my pleasure to give this howling good read 5 silver tipped stars on Amazon.”


“Another excellent installment. Finally, Roman gets to have some fun. Laity stays true to the character and introduces a few new ones. Marinova is great as the owner of the Marquis, a high-end multi-faceted club. Beryl gives Roman a well deserved run for his money. Don’t forget Mabel. She is everything that could be good for Roman. In this tale, we see a side of Roman that maybe wants to be good, but as the title states “It’s a curse”. He gets to indulge his animal instincts and Laity does a fine job of showing us how it’s done. She has vivid descriptions that do the series justice and leaves us with a taut tale of morality.”


Pagan & Pen

“K. A. Laity is a wonderful storyteller. She does a great job of immersing the reader into the world that she has built. I truly enjoyed losing myself in the lives of these characters making me feel like a young child again listening to the fantastical bedtime Fairy tales of witches and castles and dreaming of being a Princess myself.”


“Laity’s storytelling is magic in itself. The language is beautiful and weaves vivid pictures for the reader’s imagination.”


“Un. Believable. This is a beautiful book, I can’t recommend it enough. She understands the otherworld like no one else I know and more, conveys it, with beauty and realness. I admit to getting misty eyed more than once reading it. She more than gets it.”



“In this book, K. A. Laity’s efforts make Finnish mythology and folklore relevant today in ways that resonate with the modern reader. She mates myth and womanhood exquisitely. In short, her work is fabulous.”

Pagan & Pen

“…you will want to savor every word, every page and read this book over and over. The warmth and peacefulness these stories bring to the reader feels like a big, comfortable blanket on a cold wintry day. I am just so impressed, I can’t say enough for Unikirja-Dream Book, except what a wonderful treat.”

Jane Quiet

“Laity might be the literary child of Angela Carter and Peter Cook and Italo Calvino, and Steier the artistic child of Trina Robbins and Gahan Wilson and Jules Feiffer, and not a little dash of Joan Aiken.”
~ Todd Mason, Sweet Freedom

“JANE QUIET is my kind of woman: smart, sexy (it’s the smart that makes her sexy), fearless when fighting monsters from beyond this mortal coil…and, well, she doesn’t say a lot but she knows how to kick monster ass! This long overdue collaboration between Laity and Steier is a delightfully estrogen-fuelled supernatural romp that left me wanting more — much more!”
~ Philip Nutman, multiple award-nominated author, screenwriter and producer (Abed, Wet Work and Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door)

“Think ‘Denise Wheatley,’ if you will, unleashing the most voracious vagina dentata in recent memory. While most of their readers will think of John Constantine, Buffy, and their immediate contemporaries, K.A. Laity and Elena Steier are actually digging deeper and tapping more venerable genre veins. Algernon Blackwood and Dennis Wheatley, make room: Kate and Elena are here, and their heroine Jane Quiet is taking no prisoners in the occult wars. This is a momentous breakthrough for Laity and a real change of pace for Steier, whose always-delightful macabre cartooning is usually closer to the realms of Charles Addams and John Stanley. Finally, mind the hot sauce and avoid Jane’s home bar: I suspect it’s the most dangerous domestic speak-easy in existence.”
~ S.R. Bissette, Swamp Thing, Taboo, Tyrant, The Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman

“We keep hearing about the lack of female presence in comics. Jane Quiet is one strong wave in the growing tempest of comics by women and for everybody. It fits no real genre perameters, because it doesn’t have to; it stands alone on its own strengths. It reminds me of Wolf and Byrrd, but only for its strong senses of narrative and humor. It features one of the scariest, nastiest and most graceful monsters going; you can almost hear its tiny claws clicking in the dark.”
~ Donna Barr, The Desert Peach and Stinz


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