Skulk & #BFawards2016

Fox Spirit BFS

Whoohoo! Glad to see some Fox Spirit skulk nominated for British Fantasy Society awards, including Fox Spirit as best small press AGAIN! After winning last year, it’s really great to see that Aunty Fox AKA Adele’s commitment to quality continues to be recognised. It’s a strong field all around, which speaks to the richness of the community. I must say I’m pleased to see a nomination for Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, too, as I don’t think it’s got near enough acclaim.

Here are the Fox Spirit nominees:

Best independent press
Fox Spirit Books (Adele Wearing)

Best artist
Sarah Anne Langton

Best anthology
African Monsters, ed. Margrét Helgadóttir and Jo Thomas (Fox Spirit Books)

Best collection
The Stars Seem So Far Away, Margrét Helgadóttir (Fox Spirit Books)

See the whole list of nominees here: congratulations to all for such excellence!

TOA/V: The Bed Sitting Room

As a preamble, let me say WHOOHOO Fox Spirit! Nominated (for the second year in a row) for best small press in the British Fantasy Awards — as well as several other skulk noms. Well done!

I finally got the Blu-Ray/DVD package of The Bed Sitting Room because it came up in conversation on the J G Ballard group. I have long had a very poor recorded-off-television-on-videotape-then-transferred-to-dvd copy. When the beauty of the photography was mentioned I thought ‘huh?’ and since the dual package was cheap (and meant a copy for each residence) I decided to take the (not especially deep) plunge.

And yes of course it’s Peter Cook and Dud and Spike Milligan and a terrific cast of luminaries and Richard Lester, so of interest naturally to any fans of them all. I remember reading the play written by Spike and John Atrobus in the British Library and trying not to laugh too loud as I always seem to be making too much noise there.

We watched it last night and it’s just as mad as I remember. More a meditation on the absurdity of trying to ‘keep calm and carry on’ in the face of nuclear annihilation than a real story. Some funny moments, but it’s mostly sad. It is indeed beautifully shot though, and filmed (alas) on mostly scouted locations of ugliness, pollution and trash. It’s more a curiosity that works well in bits. You could imagine structuring a lecture about post-apocalypse narratives illustrated with various scenes from it.

I am looking forward to the Braden interviews with Cook, Milligan and Lester, all 20-30 minutes each. When I’ve got a moment between translating bee charms and whatnot.

See all the overlooked gems at Todd’s roundup.

British Fantasy Awards/On the Radio

More reasons to celebrate this weekend: Fox Spirit Books got not just one but two spots on the short lists for the 2014 British Fantasy Awards. Woot! I am so chuffed for Adele and the whole skulk, because it represents a group effort — though none of it would have happened without Adele’s vision, persistence and a few well-placed kicks to the muse.

What a way to celebrate the second anniversary!

Lots of great folks on the list, including the fabulous Maura McHugh and her team for the Jennifer Wilde comic, the amazing Graham Joyce — you know, folks whose names you know. When people say ‘it’s an honour just to be nominated’? WOW, it’s an honour to be nominated as part of such a great slate of creative folks. It’s an amazing feeling.

Hey, Tirgearr is celebrating too: guess what their 100th release will be?

High Plains Lazarus by KA Laity - 500

I’ll be talking about High Plains Lazarus and White Rabbit and more when I am on the radio tonight on Tea Time with Dellani Oakes. It’s 4pm Eastern which is 9pm here in the UK. I’m on with Meredith Skye and Eden Baylee, so it should be fun. You can call in (1–646–595–4478), listen live or catch up later with the archived copy here.