Bootless (but Corseted)

I was all pleased to be without the boot any longer, despite the swelling today (pushed things too much yesterday, I guess — missing the whirlpool at physical therapy, sigh). But my trip to the orthopedist this morning resulted in another appliance, an ASO, which naturally I have already dubbed “the ankle corset” (nice lacing). Despite their claim that it “will fit in any type of shoe,” it could not fit in the slip-on Sketchers, so I had to go home and get the Chuck Taylors.

Here’s what it looks like all wrapped and ready to roll (minus the Chucks).

8 thoughts on “Bootless (but Corseted)

  1. Thanks, QoE!Thanks, too, Marja-Leena! Maybe it’s those arm protectors — we used to wear them while shooting bows.I can’t get over that print of yours The owl woman is amazing!

  2. Good luck with your healing process. I suggest that you anime up that boot a la Gothic lolita. I think big pink and black bows. or else, put a Hello Kitty muffler on it.

  3. LOL — I was just going to tell Cranky that I haven’t even had time to Sanrio-fy it, but you beat me to it, Wendy. I think I have a couple of clip on Hello Kitty ornaments that I can add. Hmmm, goth Lo would be a change, but a bit tough with this face.

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