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A fabulous anthology on the ‘original resistance’ of Lilith, the first woman in Judeo-Christian mythology. Original Resistance: Reclaiming Lilith, Reclaiming Ourselves edited by Monette Chilson, Trista Hendren & Pat Daly explores the resonances of this ancient figure as a touch point for modern resistance. I have a poem (yes, a poem!) in the anthology which you can order here.

There is, perhaps, no more powerful archetype of female resistance than Lilith. As women across the globe rise up against the patriarchy, Lilith stands beside them, misogyny’s original challenger. This anthology—a chorus of voices hitting chords of defiance, liberation, anger and joy—reclaims the goodness of women bold enough to hold tight to their essence. Through poetry, prose, incantation, prayer and imagery, women from all walks of life invite you to join them in the revolutionary act of claiming their place—of reclaiming themselves. 

Praise for Original Resistance

“A rich anthology filled with essays, poetry, and art inspired by Lilith, the forgotten first woman of the Old Testament. Lilith’s original story is described in detail, and the personal stories shared by women remind us that we all need to meet Lilith, the first radical feminist to stand aside from the rules of the father God. Read this book and decide for yourself – is Lilith a dangerous outcast, or is she a much-needed companion for women who don’t take it lying down?”

-Dr Kaalii Cargill, PhD, author of Don’t Take It Lying Down: Life According to the Goddess.

“Female resistance is dangerous. It is also necessary. For far too long the Western Judeo-Christian stigma of Eve as the downfall of humankind has served to oppress women, silence our voices, desecrate our power, annihilate our very existence. As an archetype of female strength and sovereignty, Lilith is the missing link in our spiritual mitochondria. Inviolable. Self-defining. Autonomous. She reminds us that we can, and must, resist any and all attempts to silence our voices, diminish our strength, erase our lived-experience. Original Resistance: Reclaiming Lilith, Reclaiming Ourselves is a veritable feast of artwork, poetry, and prose by visual artists and writers from a wide range of ethnicities, cultures, and countries around the world. It nourishes the soul and inspires us to embrace the wild beauty of our nature, and dance with abandon. Ultimately, it urges us to remember and reclaim our right—our duty—to resist all attempts to oppress and subvert our innate power. Like Lilith, it calls us to denounce the patriarchally-enforced feminine role of subservience, and restore our rightful place in the world.”

-Mary Saracino, author of the novels, Heretics: A Love Story and The Singing of Swans, as well as other two other novels, a book-length memoir, and numerous poems and prose pieces.

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