**PAX VICTORIA**Album Trailer #4: Revolutions in the Dark. Revolutions in the Light – Liz Davinci

The latest from Liz Davinci’s forthcoming album!

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Mini-Chapter 4: Revolution by Liz Davinci

5am: Thursday – Victoria

When I came to, there was a stench and my shirt was soaked in sweat – fear filled the car, the salt from my tears drained into the gag cutting across my face. Memories of the past couple of hours slowly started to return.

I had followed Alex out to the desert but for the first time he noticed. I hadn’t trailed far enough behind – I wasn’t careful enough and he caught me. But he didn’t just “catch” me – he tied me up and gagged me – roughly, in a fury. He yelled at me.

And there I was in between two young Mexican women, tied up in the back of Alex’s car. One of them was crying as I moved into a state of some variant of calm, trying to outsmart the situation. We sped along the…

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