Princeton Scholar Unused to Literature

You’re not surprised are you that Sophie Gee seems unfamiliar with both Beowulf and John Gardner’s Grendel? She’s only an English professor, after all. What’s that — she never read anything before Shakespeare? or after Eliot? She has seen the Beowulf movie though!


No — really? Richard Corliss, I salute you.

Review: Beowulf

Two word review: utter pants Why have a movie about heroics where there is not a single person who embodies the supposed ideal? It may have been meant as a critique of the concept, but if so it failed miserably. The script was a mishmash of half-articulated ideas. A barely developed theme of the effects…

Beowulf: PG-13

Money talks! Violence is okay after all, but no sex! That would be bad. Prehensile hair, computer enhanced breasts and stiletto heels: the lure of sex without the actual act, apparently. They paid a lot of money for Jolie: gotta get their dollar’s worth!

Beowulf: Now it’s Educational!

In my continuing efforts to flog the Beowulf film as an official webmaster, I think it important to keep up with the latest goings-on. That includes a new handout for teachers to use the film as a kind of educational tie-in. This handy guide helps students look at how heroism has been identified in Beowulf’s…

Beowulf Rated: PG-13

The teevee spots have started. My students were suitably scornful of the look of it (and the sound of it — right, Mildred?). But flog it, I do! Hee hee — it will be fun.

Flogging Beowulf Again

I have been remiss in my duties as webmaster, so it behooves me to link to my friend Scott’s medieval blog where he points us to close-ups of the Beowulf action figures. Well — hmmmm. They are indeed interesting in the fullest possible sense of the word. We looked at them in the Medieval Texts…

Beowulf Bait-n-Switch?

In my continuing duties as web-flogging-master for the forthcoming Beowulf film, I have obtained new information. This did not come from the official website, but by way of Previews, the monthly bible of forthcoming comics and, increasingly, all the other things that get flogged with comics. A two page spread introduced us to the action…

Flogging Beowulf

Using my new powers as a Beowulf webmaster, I inflicted the trailer on my students in both the freshman course and the (junior-level) film class. It’s odd enough to be teaching the text to two different classes with two different translations (let me gripe once more about the Crossley-Holland version being replaced in the Longman…