On the Road Again

Assuming all goes well, by the time this posts, I ought to be on a plane from Chicago to San Antonio. We shall hope for there to be no prolonged visit like Friday. If I had time to actually see the city, it would be different. I have many potential duties to accomplish in Chicago….

BitchBuzz: Take a Letter

Today’s column owes a tip of the pen to Miss Wendy, my pen pal: Why Not Write a Handwritten Letter? By K.A. Laity In the rush of post-holiday depression and intense workouts, whether required by your resolutions or the amount of snow piling up around your home, you’re bound to need a bit of a…

The Oxford Odyssey, Part 3

I will be traveling today, so here are some cute pictures of Pumpkin rolling around on my bed. It’s been very lovely visiting Miss Wendy, Pumpkin and Boo. And don’t forget —

The Oxford Odyssey, Part 2

Our visit to Rowan Oak today, Faulkner’s home — a very comfortable and soothing home. Then we went off to the Clear Creek Recreation Center to do a little strolling and bird watching. Anyone know what those grapefruit-sized things are? Some kind of nut?

The Oxford Odyssey, Part 1

Arrived in Memphis Friday, spoiled by getting free wifi on both legs of my journey. Despite a nervous few minutes at Albany, I did get on the overbooked flight and got to Memphis ahead of a rather nasty storm, which we could see from the plane. Miss Wendy picked me up and we headed to…

Happy New Year

From the wilds of Mississippi with Miss Wendy, a random video from the season (really, off the top of my head couldn’t think of a New Year’s song): Oh, and I have a publication to start off the new year: “A Plea on Behalf of the Small Hat League.”

Friday’s ‘Forgotten’ Books: The Corinthian

Georgette Heyer should be a household name; that’s the only thing that qualifies this as a “forgotten” book. Heyer is still a nonpareil amongst romance readers, but little known beyond that group. I only learned about her because of Stephen Fry; for his 50th birthday he had a short program on his “guilty pleasures” and…

At Elena’s

My company in the bedroom at Elena’s this weekend: the orange mannequin and the gorilla in the wheelchair. Never walked into the room once without starting at the mannequin, thinking it was someone sitting at the computer. We had fun last night, drinking Bubbly Bisons (prosecco + Zubrowka) and watching The Women, yakking and yukking….

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Miss Wendy — may your day be happy and bright. See you soon! Happy Birthday, Angela — you superstar (yeah, the wishes are a bit early)! Happy Birthday, Beex — may West Ham prove triumphant!* *Psst, Brad, I didn’t really say that; Arsenal all the way!