Sounds of Dundee

I’ve put up a recent field recording that I made in Dundee last month. On Peter Street just off the Murray Gate there’s a little passage way where you’ll find the Grissell Jaffray memorial, a blue plaque and pair of mosaics. She was the last witch executed in the city. I just hung out for a few minutes with my DR-40 and captured ambient sounds (and a little wind–need a better wind sock). Close your eyes and listen.

I’ve got a new sound project coming out on Monday: you can get a preview of the Cities & Memory project here. More about it then. Yes, obsessing a bit about sound lately. So many things colliding in my mind. You’ll be hearing (!) more about medieval Scots literature, too. I just submitted a recording for a fascinating project, Soundmaps for the Dreamer at Sonoscape. And there’s more: my presentation at the Ken Russell conference will be about sound, too.

And of course I’ll be writing up my experience curating WeTheHumanities for a week. So many things — and also Respectable Horror is almost here!

What Does ‘Home’ Sound Like?

Although I spent most of my ‘spring break’ catching up on work, I did do a couple of fun things. You already know about the fab trip to the city with Stephanie, but I also attended a field recording workshop sponsored by local community radio WGXC and run by Max Goldfarb. Check out his projects: he’s done some cool stuff. And if you haven’t visited the Wave Farm yet — especially Zach Poff’s Pond Station, do!

And I am so glad I did! It really kicked up my interests from idle meandering thoughts to something concrete — well, virtual but done. At least one take is done (tinkering can go on forever).

How to describe this? You know the Odorifics scene from Harold & Maude? Scents that put you in a place and time. I wanted to do that aurally to give a sound experience of what it’s like here at the Hudson house so I made this soundscape to give anyone that experience. If you’ve sat on the porch here, it may seem familiar. Put on your headphones, close your eyes and let it surround you.

Of course I’ll make one for Dundee as well. Screaming gulls and blackbirds mostly. That way you can put yourself there, too. And maybe a third one on the road because that’s where I spend a lot of my time, too.

Oh, and Happy St Urho’s Day — another fabulous SL Johnson image. Buy her art on all the things.

St Urho Hopper


A new way to spread sound — well, newish. It’s been getting a boost, mostly via other social media outlets and DJs. Of course now that people like me are starting to use it, the DJs are looking for something new. Way to suck the cool out, eh?

My page at Soundcloud features things you might have heard before: a couple of the conceits and an early reading of “Rothko Red.” I got a new digital recorder, so I’m going to put more things up with luck a little more regularly. Maybe even some music…

Yes, still working on getting the Rome photos online. A good number added since you last looked. I’ll tell more about my adventures when I get a moment. Still catching up from being gone and working on a million and one things. Life may slow down a little by, oh let’s see — May?