Weekend Round-up

Friday night we headed out with friends to celebrate a birthday and a new job (yay, Maryann!) at Koto Japanese Steak House. They have a great koi pond and the decor is simple and restrained. Everyone seemed eager for hibachi, but I was looking forward to sushi — it’s been ages since I had any….

Review: Rock ‘n’ Roll

No more mid-week matinées. You know how we’re always hearing about “kids these days” — they have no respect, they’re far too familiar, casual, thoughtless, etc.? They’re not a patch on their grandparents. I have never experienced a more rude theater audience in my life than the elderly folks in the Jacobs Theatre last Wednesday….


Whoo hoo! Got tickets to Tom Stoppard’s Rock-n-Roll which is opening on Broadway at the Jacobs with the original West End cast: Brian Cox, Sinead Cusack and Rufus Sewell. I can’t wait — we never did get around to catching one of the marathon sessions of Coast of Utopia, so I’m glad to be able…