Out Soon: Man of the World – Paul D. Brazill

MAN OF THE WORLD Paul D.Brazill Out April 17 from All Due Respect Books but you can pre-order it now. It’s always good news to hear that Mr B has a new book out. I even got my grubby mitts on an advanced copy so read ’em and weep, folks — I already have! Read…

HB Muriel: Re-Reading The Abbess of Crewe

THE ABBESS OF CREWE It is Muriel Spark’s birthday and I just re-read this so it seems apropos to write about it, too. I just re-read it for the obvious reason that it was inspired by the shenanigans of an impeached president and now we have another impeached ‘president’ who proves just as mendacious and…

Leonora, Me & The Hearing Trumpet

Check out my conversation with Rick over at Some Other Sphere about my obsession with Leonora Carrington, The Hearing Trumpet and more. I enjoyed it: hope you do, too.  

On the Road Again: Emerald Isle Edition

Off on travels again: first in Limerick where I will be part of a truly groovy event, Always Different, Always the Same: The Fall Symposium which includes a bunch of talks, an interview with ‘Funky’ Si Wolstencroft, author of You Can Drum But You Can’t Hide and with Imperial Wax before their concert in the…

Fox Spirit is Seven Years Old!

YAY, Fox Spirit is seven years old! Wow, that’s quite a milestone. Even better there’s a birthday sale! You can get any of the Fox Spirit ebooks I’m in at a discount this month. Get stuck in!    

Robyn Hitchcock @ Caffe Lena

To see Mr Hitchcock live is to fall in love again with his music and charm. And no I don’t say that just because he complimented me on my houndstooth wrap. At the legendary café where so many have sung, it was a delight to spend some time with the singer renowned for his wit…

Drag Noir for LGBTQ+ Month @ Ginger Nuts of Horror

Great to see a favourable review of Drag Noir featured as part of LGBTQ+ Month over at Ginger Nuts of Horror. Penny Jones had many kind words for this fab collection from Fox Spirit. Jump on over and check out all their features because maybe you’ll find someone new to read. Glorious cover art by…

FFB: A Far Cry from Kensington by Muriel Spark

I don’t know why I put this off so long: maybe it was knowing it was set in the publishing world. That sort of roman à clef doesn’t usually appeal to me much — possibly because there is nothing much that will surprise me about the publishing world anymore. But dashing off on the train to…

Skulk at Edge-Lit

Much floof so wow: books sold; pages signed; sustenance shared; friends hugged.


Fox Spirit skulk assemble! It’s Edge-Lit and there is fun to be had for all.