Finns in Edinburgh: St Giles

Laura and I wandered in to see the Thistle Chapel at St Giles and managed to catch one of the tours. Chivalry at its most ceremonial. And I couldn’t resist a chuckle at the Albany Aisle. Silence please!

Dundee Stones

Next week at this time I will be at Loncon3 talking about Tove Jansson and her Moomins. And I will be missing Dundee šŸ˜¦ It’s going to be strange returning to teaching in NY.

Finland: Churches

Helka, Antti and Eila took me out for my last full day in the north so we could see some lovely sights. There are a couple of interestingĀ  churches in Kemi, one very modern but based on the old medieval style and the other with remnants of its medieval forebears. A little more history on…