Salem: It’s Alive

I finally joined my gals’ annual Salem jaunt. A tough time of year for me to get away, but I promised them this year I would go. We had a lot of fun and good eats, and there was a fantastic exhibit on at the Peabody. More pics on the ‘book.

Film for a Friday: Sweet Charity

I just needed some Fosse to get me motivated on finishing grading. Some great stuff but no time to enjoy it all — but I have some really sharp students (of course!). Once all this is done and graduation over, I’ll be updating more frequently. And having a little fun, laughs, and good times.

TOA/V: Yule Schoolin’

Yes, it’s my birthday. No, I don’t need stuff; but if you’ve ever read anything I’ve written and liked it, please consider leaving a rating or review for it on Amazon or Goodreads. A review needn’t be complex: 25 words is enough. Thanks! Here’s an updating of an old post I wrote for BitchBuzz because…