Kipper is not amused.


Kipper and Connor get on well for the most part. The occasional toy dispute ruffles a few feathers.


My first NY breakfast with local syrup for local people.


Removing one layer of wallpaper to find another: a southern motif.


What the finished version of the sitting room will look like. Cheery! In less cheery news, have to replace the struts on my car. In the meantime, no strutting (I think that’s what it means).

Happy Birthday, Bertie

Bertie in Salthill

Happy birthday to my little brother today. Here he is looking suave on the Salthill shore on Galway Bay. We had fun during his visit. He’s taking good care of my cat Kipper while I’m in Scotland (and Kipper’s taking good care of Connor).

And he keeps me up to date on the local wildlife in New York, too:

And this is the kind of work he does as a silversmith:

teddy mug

How the time has flown by —

At our grandparent’s house (now Steve’s) next door; yes, always with the hats.