Skulk at Edge-Lit

Much floof so wow: books sold; pages signed; sustenance shared; friends hugged.


Fox Spirit skulk assemble! It’s Edge-Lit and there is fun to be had for all.

Noir Carnival: Hannah Kate

Circus Music by Hannah Kate Charlie was the first one of us as got taken. Not that anyone really noticed at first. It wasn’t easy to tell with Charlie, given that he was bone idle at the best of times. So he if downed tools, there was nothing in it. After a day or so,…

Fox Spirit at EdgeLit2

What a delightful thing to see all the shiny books crowding together like this! In just about a year Fox Spirit Books has released a variety of titles that beautifully represent their raison d’être: mixing up genres at will, refusing to conform to old categories. And succeeded brilliantly! Not only was it wonderful to see…

Random Adorableness

I am on my way to Derby this morning for the EdgeLit launch of NOIR CARNIVAL, catching up with the Rev Chloë today, and Adele and the skulk tomorrow, so here’s some recent random photos of cuteness.

Noir Carnival: Carol Borden

What Does the Femme Fatale Want?; or How I Wrote, “The Mermaid Illusion” Carol Borden If there’s one quote that consistently rubs me wrong, it’s Freud’s, “Was will das Weib?” It’s usually translated as, “What does woman want?” Once I learned German, it bothered me even more. A more literal translation would be, “What does…