Free – Hard-Boiled Witch: Abra Cadavra!

Free now through Saturday on your local Amazon while I’m working on episode 5:

HBW 4 Abra Cadavra

When a new burlesque club opens in Dundee, the owner calls on Hecate Sidlaw to deal with some strange attacks — by a skeleton! She and her familiar Henry need to get to the bottom of the magical threats, if she can get him away from the performers long enough to investigate. Looks like they need someone with expertise in calaveras…

Enter the dark streets and weird magic of HARD-BOILED WITCH and your life will never be quite the same.

This 28-page ebook single is the fourth in the series from the author of WHITE RABBIT, UNQUIET DREAMS, DREAM BOOK, OWL STRETCHING, and the CHASTITY FLAME thriller series.

“Laity has been proving for quite some time now that her noir prose ranks right up there with the likes of Meg Abbott, Dorothy B. Hughes, and Sara Paretsky.”
~ Vincent Zandri

Many thanks to Bertie for mailing me my series notebook >_< which I forgot!

Walpurgisnacht Freebie

As usual, I’m giving away my much reprinted story ‘Walpurgisnacht’; click the link on the name if you’ve not read it yet and you can download a PDF of the tale. And watch out for witches flying off to the mountains tonight!

Walpurgisnacht Hirsch

#FolkloreThursday & Freebie

HBW 3 Charms O'erthrownHey, I’m a guest host over at the #FolkloreThursday twitter account today from 5pm-6:30pm UK/noon-1:30pm US eastern time. I’ll be seeking out stories to share with everyone and asking questions about the lore out there. Join us!

Also, today only you can get the third Hecate Sidlaw adventure for FREE! Hard-Boiled Witch: Charms O’erthrown spins a little yarn about alchemy, an ancient artifact and the wonders of your local library (well, the Dundee Library is kind of special).

Check it out what the reviews say & get a copy here.


And happy birthday to my muse, Peter Cook.


Story for a Sunday: Fluorescence

Here’s my bit of urban spookiness called “Fluorescence.” This short story appeared in The Harrow back in July 2008 (appearing now thanks to the Way Back Machine). If you like it, you might want to check out the others in Unquiet Dreams.


April Fool: Con-Eire is FREE!


The joke’s on me for April Fool’s week: I’m giving Con-Eire away! Beginning today all the way through Friday you can download the ebook for the price of a couple of clicks. A comedy play for voices, Con-Eire takes you behind the scenes at a spec fic con so you can see all the madness* it takes to put on a good convention. A love letter to the folks who do the thankless work behind the scenes!


It’s three days before the start of Con-Eire, the best Irish-themed science fiction and fantasy con in the tri-state area, when a phone call sets the entire Convention Committee into panic mode. Is Big Name Writer going to pull out at the last minute? What does Very Famous Artist have to do with that decision? And what do the fairies have to say about all this? Follow the hilarious mishaps as the committee members work desperately to salvage months of planning and hard work, all of which are about to be undone by a well-known prima donna.This half-hour radio play for voices features a cast of six and little in the way of props and sound effects, making it suitable for impromptu or amateur performances.

Here’s what folks are saying about it:

“From the bowels of back-of-house, from the deepest, darkest, most secret chambers of arcane ConComm knowledge, comes a screamingly funny glimpse into what’s behind the curtain at a science fiction convention. Fairy-dusted hilarity served with a side order of giggles.”
—Lee Martindale, author of To Stand As Witness and Hell Hath No Fury

“As a long time con runner, I can say that this really does hit the mark with a lot of chuckles along the way. Anyone who has ever helped run a con, Contemplating running a con or just going to a con ought to read this to either be reminded of what goes into it or simply as a cautionary tale.”

“If you’ve ever been to one or volunteered for one, you’ll feel right at home with most of what goes on here. Heck, if you’ve ever tried to organize any large, volunteer-run event, you’ll recognize a lot of it. The fan feuds and fan culture references are absolutely dead on – Laity really knows her stuff. Before I was 4 pages in, I was laughing out loud, and before I was done, I thinking, ‘I know some of these people…don’t I?’ Great fun! Read it!”

” I found it scarily easy to hear the different voices of the characters as I was reading. I found some of the comments about BIG NAMED WRITER funny enough to have me giggling at my desk as I read them. This was a great way to spend a lunchtime and I feel happier for reading it.Take a chance on this one, you will not regret it.”

*The names have been changed to protect the innocent!

Celebrate Brigid’s Day with Hard-Boiled Witch!

HBW 3 Charms O'erthrownTomorrow is Brigid‘s day and to celebrate the tripartite goddess who became a saint of poets, ironmongers and healers, I’m giving away the third Hard-Boiled Witch story, Charms O’erthrown all day long on February 1st (UK folks click here). Here’s the blurb:

Hecate Sidlaw finds herself in a wild storm of shady folks all looking for a priceless artifact that’s gone missing. With all the double dealing and surprising murders, it’s a wonder she and Henry can find out what’s really going on — and what this precious treasure could be. An ancient alchemical text may hold the answers if only Hecate and Henry can live long enough to get to the library!

This 23-page ebook single is the third in a new series from the author of WHITE RABBIT, OWL STRETCHING, and the CHASTITY FLAME thriller series.

“Laity has been proving for quite some time now that her noir prose ranks right up there with the likes of Meg Abbott, Dorothy B. Hughes, and Sara Paretsky.”
~ Vincent Zandri 

The deal goes live at midnight US west coast time (8am GMT I think) so check back and download your freebie. What’s that? Haven’t read the first two? Well, they’re only 99¢/99p each. Get them too.