Fire, Uncomfortably Close

March: in like a lion? Check. High winds, a fallen tree, a transformer hit, sudden fire that burned so hot it made holes in the road, and yay — power outage in subzero weather. I’d much prefer to be dull. You know it’s bad when I could smell the smoke (I have a bad sense…

Sunday Shenanigans

Lots to catch up on — pictures, posts, reviews — but in the mean time, it’s family day. Half off sale is still on at Smashwords and hoping for some reviews of HBW5 soon! More wanderings tomorrow —

Southern Hospitality

Catching up with the last part of the Raleigh trip: it sure is good to visit Susan and Ron and get some kitty time. Even better when Byron and Star make the drive over from the west. I am grateful to you all.

LonCon & ShamroKon Pictures

I thought before I head off on another trip I ought to share some photos from LonCon and Shamrokon and short of time, I have put them in public albums on Facebook, so take a look if you’re of a mind to do so. I will probably get around to descriptions and tagging at some…