Screwball: It’s Love I’m After

Yesterday I listened to the Cinema Junkie episode on screwball comedies with CineBeth and the Nitrate Diva. I was delighted to learn about films I didn’t even know in addition to some old favourites. Screwball comedy is just the thing for these stressful and worrying times: after all they were born in a time of…

Bantz with the Foxes 2 & Hire Idiots on Tour!

More bantz with our Foxy overlords who contemplate whether there really is a difference between a small press and a cult. JOIN THE SKULK! Also the latest Fox Spirit release HIRE IDIOTS is on tour. It’s an hilarious cozy mystery set on a college campus.

Bantz with the Foxes

New from Fox Spirit Books: the comedy stylings of Adele and Tom AKA Aunty Fox and Mr Fox offering a glimpse behind the scenes of an award-winning small press. Or something like that 😉 scripted by me but of course based on real conversations (perhaps exaggerated slightly).

Tuesday’s Overlooked A/V: The Hudsucker Proxy

I haven’t had time to do a TOA/V in a while, but after some dissing of this film on Twitter, I decided it was a sign. I love the Coen’s films in general. Most of them I love a lot. I think Raising Arizona might be one of the funniest films ever made, Blood Simple…