Good News!

My abstract has been accepted for the “Forging Folklore: Witches, Pagans and Neo-Tribal Cultures” conference at Harvard May 3-5, 2007. I’ll be speaking on Finnish magic and music which ought to be entertaining. Of course, I’ll find an excuse to bring my kantele along as well. I had planned to attend the conference anyway as it has a great set of folks, including Ronald Hutton who will be keynote speaker Thursday night of the conference.

[image © Timo Kervinen]

The Joey Zone is happy: he got name-checked in Elena’s Goth Scout strip on Sunday!

Less good: lack of plowing on campus (and Albany streets) meant I could not find a place to park today, so I finally gave up and came home to work. Good thing I can do almost all my work from home — except for the office hours. Sorry, students! At least I don’t have any meetings scheduled today. Besides, I would have had to leave early for my doctor’s appointment anyway. Perhaps tomorrow I need to bring the snow shovel and dig out a parking space for myself. Let’s hope the melting starts soon!


  1. Marja-Leena says:

    I wsih I could have heard you speak about Tove Jansson a while back, and now on Finnish magic! I find it most intriguing that these are subjects of such scholarly interest. Do you ever post your papers online for the rest of us to see?

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    Hi Marja-Leena–Actually the Tove Jansson conference is this weekend. I’m so excited! Many of the papers will be published in a volume forthcoming later this year (I believe). As soon as I have details, I will post here.In general, if I plan to use something as a publication, that precludes putting more than a sample on-line. However, I am more than willing to send copies of the papers to interested individuals. I should warn you, though, that with all the images, the Tove Jansson paper is about 10M! I’m making final revisions to the essay this week.

  3. I wish I could be at that conference with you.

  4. The Queen says:

    I would also like the read the paper on Finnish magic!It would be very inspirational….

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