Off to Oxford

There will proabably not be time for posts this weekend (including the serial) as I am off to Boston, to catch the plane to Halifax, to catch the plane to Heathrow, to catch the coach to Oxford.

Sounds tiring, eh? Cheap flights have another cost. But at present, cheap flights are the only option (memo to self: play lottery).

I will be giving a paper on Tove Jansson’s Moomin comics. The conference looks like it will be much fun. Of course, having the chance to wander around Oxford — land of Alice, Dodgson, Charles and Sebastian, and for that matter, Alan and Dud — will be wonderful, too.

Here are some deer in the park next Magdalen College, Oxford (though I’ll be at Pembroke).

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  1. Gene K. says:

    Kate Update™:Kate’s safely in the UK, and apparently she’s having a good time. The last text message I got from her read:  Saw p pullman 2nitePhilip. Freakin’. Pullman.Yeah, I’m waiting for more details, too…

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