Apologies for being so neglectful of the blogs — I plead illness and the hectic week that my going away created. We had an all day symposium for the department Thursday which led to increased illness, as I was completely exhausted and feverish by the afternoon. All went well, as far as I could tell, but I ducked out around 4.

I spent yesterday resting or at least trying to do so; many things looming over my head make that difficult. Inevitably there’s always too much to do in the latter half of spring term, much of which, yes, I have brought upon myself. The London trip with the students is making me pull out my hair; my paper for next week’s conference is not complete. At least my major paper for Kalamazoo was written last fall (if only I were always that early), but I have to edit that paper because it is still too long and finish the second paper (more about that later).

I have pictures from Oxford — they’ll be up soon! It was a wonderful visit and I just can’t get enough time in England, particularly Oxford. Hmmm, wonder if they will be needing a new medievalist soon? There’s always some kind of stress, eh?