Water Foul

Hey — our basement’s flooded so the hot water heater’s pilot has been put out. Our landlord’s down there now (I’m sure it’s just how he pictured his Sunday night) snaking out the drain to see if it will clear the water. All the rain flowing down our hill in its search for the Hudson decided to make a detour and flood us. At least it can only get a few inches high before pouring out the door and toward the road (and better yet, that the furnace is above water level, so we have heat). Looks like a job for Kuan Yin!

The good news is I got a call from Laurel who had called me last week from the ICU to say she was going to miss PCA. Relieved to know that she’s much improved and sounds like her usual self. I cheered her by saying that her tale even beat out the panelist who came late to her session, apologizing with “I was hit by a truck.”

Life’s a dangerous thing.


  1. I think we need a prayer to Kaun Yin as well. The roof is leaking again and we’ve been placing plastic all over Joey’s books. We don’t want a repeat of of the Great Book Disaster of October 2005.This is a practice to becoming a home-owner. :-/

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    Yeesh — this Nor’easter has been a bit wilder than expected. I was just hoping it wouldn’t mean much snow, but wow! has the water been pouring down. I even had a dream that woke me up that I was in a store when three women had their water break at the same time and went into labor. Must be all the rushing water surrounding me.As we,too, think about the home-owning path, these are things to keep in mind! The Hudson Valley flood plain has its treacheries!

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