1. Yay! Congratulations to Gene!

  2. Gene K. says:

    Oh well, they didn’t include any of Lynn Neary’s conversation with me. But you can listen to what was on the air here.Note to potential interviewees: Having only a cell phone is not so good; producers prefer land-lines for this sort of thing. Oh, and try not to stammer too much…

  3. Well, at least they know you are the person to talk to about comics. I read a piece in Chronicle of Higher Ed some months ago about how certain professors and experts get picked to do sound bits for the news…and yes, they expect all the things you mentioned.Start practicing!

  4. Personally…i think the entire NPR staff should make a *Gene Totem*, get down on all fours, and worship it in the jungle–just like in that European ‘album’ WOMBATS IN THE CONGO;)

  5. K. A. Laity says:

    What makes you think they aren’t doing so already 😉

  6. The Queen says:

    Congrats, Gene! I find it amazing that after all this time, the book has been identified as having racist imagery- the cover alone is rather questionable.

  7. Gene K. says:

    I’ve only got a facsimile of the original B&W edition, which really doesn’t give a clue as to the book’s problematic content. I haven’t seen the color revision, though.And this has been a topic of concern for years, decades even, at least in Belgium, France, and any other country that’s had these books in print for ages.CONGO hasn’t been that readily available in English, at least in the UK and the USA, in either edition. The covers shown on the backs of many English TINTIN volumes begin with TINTIN IN AMERICA. And that’s reflected in the way-cool 3-fer-1 volumes. Volume 1 also starts with AMERICA, skipping both CONGO and LAND OF THE SOVIETS, the true first TINTIN volume.

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