Publication: Corrections to the Rules of Fimble Fowl

After some delays, the new issue of Wild Violet is online with my latest publication, a short humor piece called “Corrections to the Rules of Fimble Fowl (for 3 players or 4)” (with a quite suitable illustration). Stop by to see a wider variety of pieces than you find in most literary magazines. As you might guess, my piece is inspired by the sort of thing Carroll and Lear do (or to be strictly temporal, did). In my modest way, I trail along in their footsteps. I’m trying to do a little more of this lately — humor writing that is, not trailing along in other’s footsteps (although that is perhaps unavoidable). So far there’s this and a kindly rejection from McSweeney’s that, nonetheless, asks for more. I shall endeavor to comply.


  1. The Queen says:

    Well, that certainly cleared a few things up for me, rules-wise….

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    I just hope it puts an end to the violent altercations that inevitably ensued from less than clear rules. No more fisticuffs!

  3. The Queen says:

    Not even if it’s fisticuffs at 500 paces?

  4. K. A. Laity says:

    I think the official rules do not permit fisticuffs beyond 437 paces.Unless, of course, one wears a straw boater and carries an alligator watch fob.

  5. The Queen says:

    Oh, an alligator watch fob… fob is most certainly not alligator.

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