Taking the Mountain to Mohammed

[Thanks to CuteOverload.com for the picture, where the lead story right now is the new Hello Kitty line for young males.]

We’re off to Connecticut to see friends today, staying with Miss Wendy (who’s also got A Hunt visiting), dropping by the Aloha Alcohula [CT’s best tiki bar] to hobnob with the QoE and Johnny 10X and the Boojums. On the way back, we’ll drop by the Vampire Bed & Breakfast to see the crazy mama herself and her handsome spouse. It should be fun (if I can get “Ironman” out of my head).

Yesterday we had a great (delayed birthday) lunch with the Crispinus clan at DeFazio’s (mmmm!). Long-suffering uxor Krista was in good spirits and Kaitlin did not torment her papa too much. They loaded us up with a plethora of cookies through which we have already been making our way (mmmm again!). Thanks, you guys!


  1. Elena Steier says:

    We are so looking forward to the Wombat invasion!

  2. The Queen says:

    Thanks for taking the journey to the Aloha Alcohula! It was so great to see you!And thanks for all the writing in the AA register- much fun reading that the next day!And next time, us Young Turks will be visiting the mountains…

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