In Dreams

So, I woke up at 4 am from a dream in which I had been shot in the back. I think I was shot once more, but the bullet ripping through my back seemed the most important. I knew it was crucial not to panic, but because I was being calm, no one paid me any attention. I could feel my consciousness fading away and everything getting dark and then, finally, people were leaning over me looking concerned as I sank down.

Then, of course, I woke up.

Things had gone well on Monday, less well yesterday (I shouldn’t have a student crying in my office on the second day of classes). Today seems better — better than waking up at 4 with a horrible dream, anyway…


  1. Wendy says:

    Wow, it is early to have a student crying in your office. You should have told this person your dream. I had an awful dream last night too but it was not something I want to share. In fact, let us never speak of this again. (thanks for the Blue Velvet clip, very uplifting)

  2. It must be a night for intense dreams. I had one too and I feel it’s a premonition. Maybe I should pay it some heed.

  3. K. A. Laity says:

    I’ll have to say that was one of the most disturbing dreams I have had in some time. Sorry to hear it’s been a rough time for you two, too. I do tend to believe our subconscious is more preceptive than our tangled an prejudiced conscious mind, so I try to take what it tells me seriously — there’s the rub, eh? How to interpret the dreams?Actually I have to say mine seems fairly straightforward to me (and an important reminder). Sorry to hear yours was so awful, Wendy. Cranky, definitely think about paying it heed.

  4. K. A. Laity says:

    Oh and re: Blue Velvet (i.e. back when Lynch was good) — I remember seeing the film when I lived in Los Angeles at a matinée. It was sunny when I went into the theater and dark when I came out. Everything around me seemed creepy. I stopped at a light and looked into the car stopped next to me and the guy looked like he was on his way to see Frank. I couldn’t wait to get home and lock my door. Great movie!

  5. The Queen says:

    Interesting- Bernie & I both had disturbing dreams as well, both with violent overtones. Unusual for Bernie, not so unusual for me.

  6. K. A. Laity says:

    Hmmm. Must be something in the air, I guess.

  7. Can’t blame it on a full moon…It’s a 72% waxing gibbous!

  8. Elena Steier says:

    I know we’re all young and hip but have you had an EKG recently?

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