Thursday Already?

My, how time flies!

Tuesday night went well — we had a nice chat over an early dinner at the Pearl, then rushed over to the library amid a sudden downpour and an amazing rainbow (okay, the picture to the left is *not* the rainbow from that day, but one of myriad lovely images from Missouri Skies). There was a small crowd, but we were out-numbered which is good enough. Jan, Pam, Kelly (who needs a webpage!) and I had a good time chatting about Tolkien, the books and the films, and more importantly (for me anyway), about his sources, cool stuff like Njal’s Saga and Beowulf. Yes, I did manage to declaim some Old English verses (you’re not surprised are you?).

Tonight, of course, I’m excited to be going to see Jonathan Miller at Skidmore (thanks again, Crispinus, for the tip off). An original member of Beyond the Fringe, polymath, raconteur and director (including perhaps my favorite film version of Alice in Wonderland — and no, not just because it has Peter Cook), Miller will no doubt be a lively and illuminating speaker.

I can’t decide whether to have any interest in Forbidden Kingdom — on the one hand, Jet Li and Jackie Chan! and a lot of nods to great wǔxiá films like The Bride with White Hair, but — it’s also got some bland American twenty-something actor, clearly for Hollywood reasoning (“Ya gotta have an Amurrican in it! That’s what audiences want to see!”). Bleh.


  1. Wendy says:

    I want to see the Forbidden Kingdom film. It’s supposed to be “based” on the Monkey King story (although the white haired woman looks very cool too. I wish I could get my hair to do that)

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    Is it?! Well, that bumps it up a bit in my estimation.On the hair: yeah, you and me both, but you’re a lot more likely to accomplish that kind of thing.

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