Becoming Elinor Dashwood

We are moving again; at least this time, it’s only about 10 miles. Nonetheless, it will be (as always) difficult. Even more so because we are moving into town and, necessarily, into a smaller place (that’s city life). On the plus side, the apartment is three blocks from my office and includes heat and water. That means savings in gas as well as money. It’s a lovely little apartment and very light. Four closets — in contrast to the one we share at present. No attic and no shed, however, which will prove a challenge.

I have decided that I must approach this as Elinor Dashwood would. The heroine of Austen’s Sense and Sensibility provides the perfect model (appearing above in the fabulous paper doll version by Legacy Pride). We must simply do without a lot. Part one: go to Connecticut and get everything out of storage later this month (probably the 17th). Be ruthless: we will need a storage place here, but we want to unload things we could not convince ourselves to abandon when we moved to Texas. We’ll be able to get some of the books that we could not take with us then and swap out some that we do not need at present.

I have a feeling those stairs up to the third floor will make some choices easier.

To seal my fate, I took the requisite on-line quiz which persuades me that I am in fact inclined in that direction:

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!


  1. Crispinus says:

    Wow!Let us know if you need help!I am, by the way, your sister, Marianne; though I had hoped for Lizzie Bennett.

  2. Maybe I shouldn’t ask here, but what prompted all this?

  3. K. A. Laity says:

    Well, Marianne, I’ll trade you Gene labour on the roof for some carrying of large objects up our three flights.I thought I might well be Lizzie, but I think my state of mind has switched from its usual snarky state to a more focused practicality (although I am just as inclined to make remarks about very large feet or tiny moustaches).

  4. K. A. Laity says:

    Cranky:We have been wanting to move closer to campus — even more so with gas prices, but also for simplicity’s sake. I like the idea of rolling out of bed and walking to work in a few minutes. We had hoped we might be able to buy a house, but at present our financial situation is still too unpredictable with Gene’s freelance work. Maybe in a year we can think about buying — in the mean time, we’ll be economizing and (I hope) saving a little, too. There are some good deals in the area, but we still don’t know a) what area we want to be in and b) what we can afford to buy. With luck, living in the city will give us a better feel for neighborhoods.So, will you be around on the 17th? or 16th? We might come down the night before.

  5. Gene K. says:

    Crispinus: Consider yourself let-known.Cranky: Necessity is the mother of relocation.Marianne: As you have chosen to comment privately, I am slightly afeared as to what this “roof labour” might entail. Although Crispinus might serve as a reference in this case if requiredI am Anne Elliot, unsure exactly what this says about me, and skeptical about the results from most personality tests.

  6. Crispinus says:

    Dude, *I’m* Marianne, or so the quiz sez.And, Elinor, I did repay your man with dinner. Just sayin!

  7. K. A. Laity says:

    Oh, I know that — but I thought there was future work ahead… or was it shelving? Whatever — he will be loaned as day labourer.

  8. Wendy says:

    Good luck with the move. If you are in CT that day, please let me know. I’ll be around and can help out 🙂 I look forward to seeing pics of the new place.

  9. The Queen says:

    Apparently I’m Anne Elliot, whatever that means.I posted ‘congrats on the new digs!’ on your other post, just to ‘keep it real.’ Hopefully we’ll be moving within walking distance of our respective jobs, too, hopefully sooner than later.I give you a mantra: ‘It’s all rectangular things going in rectangular boxes’….!

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