Zoo Life


If you could get them to time it right, the geese make an excellent alarm. They fly to the top of the dorms and honk for all they’re worth — or at least the ones I saw this morning did. Imagine calling the desk to ask for a 8am goose call (be careful what you ask for?)

Animal life today: one bunny by Fetzer, a blue heron flying over head and yes, the ever adorable ducklings following their mother and making all and sundry go “awwww!”

I decided to skip the heavy academic panel I had planned to attend this morning and instead went to the “Play Music” performance at the chapel featuring Early Music Michigan and WMU’s Collegium Musicum. Good choice: they presented music from plays by folks as disparate as Hildegard and Shakespeare, including the Jeu de Robin et Marion, which was a lot of fun. Always enjoyable to hear a little early music — and dance, too. They had some very young dancers and began the program with a processional led by Death. It sounds gloomy, but it was accompanied by the lively “Ad mortem festinamus.”

Lunch meeting and then a panel on the Beowulf films have occupied me since. I came to the lab to print my boarding pass. Already nearly time to leave! But of course, first there’s the dance tonight, whose legend looms large.

Last night was dinner at the Great Lakes Shipping Co. and their non-nonpareil dish, the schrod in parchment. Wonderful! We headed out there after the UConn reception at which we saw many familiar faces and chatted for a good while (and enjoyed free beer, naturally — Bell’s!). I was strong-armed into the New England Saga Society, giving me yet another affiliation to compete for my time at Kazoo. Always too much…


  1. atticfox says:

    You would have been proud. In Senior Sem last week I brought up Hildegard experiencing God as sound. Funny, I remember that detail but not the poem I applied it to. Keats, maybe? Anyway, something stuck from two years ago. Two years from now maybe I’ll remember that poem.PS: It sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. Glad to hear… er, read it! If you miss all that wildlife when you get back to city living, I’ve got plenty to share.

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    I shall come out to your abode and soak in the wildlife. I need my little recoveries of nature. It’s in my blood.Always glad to have Hildegard return to one’s mind. She was tough, she was inventive, she was an original — kudos to her.And to you, graduate! New adventures await (that’s why they call it commencement — it’s just the beginning!)

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