Random Thoughts


Why, oh why, did I agree to do this summer class? Still getting details settled. At least the airfare and hotel should be all set, but the money never goes quite as far as you’d hope. The Globe hasn’t called me back but they said they would hold the tickets even if their credit card service continued to have problems (just like last year). And yes, I did get tickets for Midsummer Night’s Dream and not Lear, although I may go to that myself afterward. But for some of them it may be the first time to see real theater — let’s go for the magic rather than tragedy.

I am still determined to write that Nick Lowe musical one day. Every time I hear Mary Provost, I see the shape of it in my head.

I’m not even going to mention moving…

Yet a little thing like hearing Queen’s “We are the Champions” on the way to campus can lift my spirits a little. Just as well — it’s Arthurian day in our swift run through the Middle Ages (a thousand years of literature in three weeks — ha), so I will be playing clips from Holy Grail and the Gawain films as well as yes, A Knight’s Tale.