What Fresh Hell?


What could make the process of moving less pleasant? 90+ F degree weather (that’s 30+ C) and humidity — what is this, Houston?! Let’s not forget thunderstorms, too. We moved some lighter stuff yesterday: musical instruments and dvds. Our new stove is in, though not the new fridge and our landlord was busy painting some of the chipped and peeled areas. Despite the climb to our third floor walk up, we found it cooler up there in our new aerie than in our squat house, so that portends well for that unimaginable time in the future when the move is done. The sparrows were hopping along the roof looking in at us with frank curiosity (“hey, new neighbors!”). I still don’t know how it will be done, but somehow it will have to be.

Want to read about one of the plays I saw in London? The Guardian has a review up of Middleton’s The Revenger’s Tragedy. Billington’s right about the opening squashing the first speech, but it was quite a cornucopia of sights that had the audience riveted (even up amongst the gods where I was sitting). Kinnear clearly enjoyed himself thoroughly in the role(s, I suppose I ought to add). There was a weird inconsistency in register throughout, playing the gothic for humor, but how else to combine Caravaggio and camp? Gleeful mayhem all around. Kinnear’s also going to be in the new Bond film, so more folks will see him soon (his dad would be proud).

Here’s a review of the Midsummer Night’s Dream we saw at the Globe. It’s a bit harsh, but it does touch on my main problem: if Puck isn’t magic, it doesn’t come off. The rest of the cast worked well — certainly the students saw it more like this review, but for me Michael Jibson might have made a better Bottom than Puck (although Paul Hunter did just fine in that role while eerily reminiscent physically of Chris Elliott). Puck should be fluid, androgynous, quicksilver and dangerous. Jibson looked far too mundane, weary even at times, and yes, irrationally, I thought his head too round. Sue me. I would have liked to have seen Adam Burton, who played Mustardseed, try the role. You expect the regals (Tom Mannion and Siobhan Redmond) to be great — they were — but too often the four lovers are little more than mooning cyphers. Not so here: Boot and Brandon made Demetrius and Lysander wildly passionate lovers, ready to erupt violently at the least provocation, and Nixon and Rogers brought a powerful physicality to the traditionally demure young women which matched them well. It was fun — how can it not be? — but I wanted a better Puck. Dean Lennox Kelly was good in the recent BBC version: you might recognize him as a saucy Shakespeare in one of the first Martha Jones episodes of Doctor Who.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I just found this review/blog on here after seeing MSND at The Globe. It seems to me that you obviously have no taste or imagination in actors. The Puck that I saw (Michael Jibson) was interesting, engaging, refreshing and funny! The way in which he used the language was fantastic. The whole point about the character of Puck is that he can be played in many different ways. The entire production worked beautifully.

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    …you obviously have no taste or imagination in actors.LOL — yes, it’s the only possible answer! I have buck teeth and a pronounced limp as well, oh Anonymous one.

  3. Todd Mason says:

    Just someone trying to distract you from the move, Kate…

  4. K. A. Laity says:

    True enough, but I do need the distraction and I am in fact hideously deformed, as my friends can confirm. My left leg is at least six inches shorter than the right and, I’m pretty sure, my left eye is like a corkscrew in its scope and winding.I can only think about the party at the end of this month where all this celebration will be done. That and Pete and Dud: which lets me pretend I am still in London, although I am back in NY. Gaah — I am not in London, I ought to know that by now. Sigh.So Todd, will you swing up to NY or will I have to eventually swing down to PA? Or should we remain people who only know each other via email? Life can be frightening enough as it is, eh? I can be disappointing in person (ask Mildred!). Right, Mildred?

  5. Chuckie58 says:

    Disappointing? Huh? Whazzit?Todd, don’t let her fool you. If you can get past that short leg thing she’s wonderful.

  6. Todd Mason says:

    I might boast that I can disappoint with the best of them…I’m currently in Jersey, but that probably won’t last long…we shall see!

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