Update: Human Cuisine


Well, I haven’t got a physical copy yet, but the editors of Human Cuisine have sent along electronic copies of the book. This means I got to re-read what I wrote at least three (?) years ago and see whether I was embarrassed by it. It’s not too bad, so I can live with it. The bio, of course, has me at UHD, but I can live with that, too (particularly since I’m no longer there!).

Co-editor Ken Albala took the book and a giant poster to the big conference for the Association for the Study of Food and Society in New Orleans last week and “there was phenomenal interest” in it. He also said the book has sold something like 23K copies on Amazon (pity I don’t get any royalties).



  1. Gary Allen says:

    23k copies would be impressive indeed… alas, the book had a sales rank of 23k. Which means the book has actually sold a few copies.Amazon is tight-lipped about how it calculates sales rank — but, if the book had really sold 23k copies, it would probably be ranked in their top ten (not 23,000th).

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    LOL — well, teaches me to try to read in a rush. I blame moving, but honestly, I have no conception of numbers, hence finding my groove in the arts side of the humanities rather than the sciences.

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