Minus One Sofa

Consumatum est: well, the big furniture that required a truck, anyway (we still have lots of boxes, cough cough, hint hint). We decided the sofa did not have a place in our new third floor lifestyle (fortunately, we decided this on the first set of stairs). I wanted to chuck it off the back of the truck, but Gene insisted we not do that. So if you need a sofa, come and get it. We’re going to get a futon again, which will double as a guest bed (hint hint).

Dead tired, achey, body covered with a galaxy of new bruises (the ones on my left thigh form Ursa Minor!), so we’re getting Kipper and the minimum of necessities and heading back to the new place. Tomorrow I have a retreat (yay! woodsy goodness) and then a party at Mahar’s. Much better than moving furniture. Wow, one day of physical labor and I’m done in. I’m so lazy!