Sure, we’re supposed to be on a new austerity kick and saving money, etc., but somehow a little splurge now and then becomes necessary. Thus we wended our way to the Café Madison for brunch because well, we wanted to have a good meal. Even at the relatively late hour we headed over, the place was quite full, although we were seated in one of the few remaining tables right away. I started with a bellini (always a good way to start brunch) and Gene opted for decaf. I got the spanakopita omelette (oozing with spinach, cheese and onions) while Gene finally settled on the very cheesy bacon and cheddar omelette. Both came with their wonderful home fries and their home made bread: mmmm, walnut wheat. So filling, we need not eat again today.

Another extravagance that could hardly be passed up: Jonathan Richman at Club Helsinki in October! Cheap tickets and an intimate venue: I’m in love with Massachusetts, with the radio on.

I’ve finally begun reading Ginger Geezer, the life of the extravagantly eccentric Vivian Stanshall (hence the photo which comes from the Ginger Geezer website). I’ve been enjoying the anticipation of reading this book that I picked up on a recent visit to London, and yesterday became the day to start it after Gene found a radio program on Stanshall hosted by Stephen Fry and I decided that wasn’t enough Vivian for me. It’s a bit of an odd read, jumping back and forth in time (and I suspect, between the two authors) but there have been a lot of laugh out loud anecdotes.

Want something extravagant for free? Go download the free track “Dreamin’ of You” from the Bob Dylan site. It’s a teaser for the next volume of the Bootleg series. Hits the spot — more so than the tour tickets (he’s playing Saratoga) which are a little too extravagant for me at present.