Devil’s Night (almost!)

Two things: on Thursday, the actual Devil’s Night, we’ll be taking part in a reading on campus sponsored by Sigma Tau Delta. Many spooky stories and poems will be featured as well as costumes and general spookiness. If you’re in the neighborhood drop by Standish Room 1 in the Student Activity Center around 7pm.

Also, my poem “Devil’s Night” is among the submissions at the Guardian for Halloween poems. Feel free to stop by and recommend it (link on the right next to the poem): vote for me!


  1. Todd Mason says:

    In NE Conn., Enfield at least, we redubbed Devil’s Night “Pumpkin Night,” and no Jack O’ was safe. In case you were wondering what happened to that Australian guy.Congratulations on your readings’ success and the swag!

  2. K. A. Laity says:

    Enfield?! Huh — didn’t know you used to live there. ‘Splains a lot 😉

  3. Todd Mason says:

    How Dare You impugn the Lego and Olympic Card capitol of the North American continent…or at least used to be…what’s more, I was a resident of Hazardville (!), which was absorbed by Enfield to someone’s relief, even if only so as to be able to close the post office that sounded like it belonged in a Dashiell Hammett novel…

  4. K. A. Laity says:

    I had no idea of the import of Enfield. It was just one of those names on the exits on 91 as we headed up to Northampton.Hazardville! Yes, way cooler than Enfield. Pity about their closing the PO. I’d much rather have mail from Hazardville, very Hammett. Hmmm, may have to use that.

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